Hogan Responds To Recent CM Punk Promo

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. :pity:
  2. lol @ these older legends getting all worked up by a kayfabe heel Punk promo. First Billy Graham and now Hogan.
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  3. Dammit Hogan, I can't rip you when you actually make a good point. :upset:

    Congrats, only took you 40 years to make one
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  4. Kinda disappointed with his comments.... Just because he didn't say "brother" once.

    I guess all of that traveling, taking guys on dates, doing deals and flying around stopped him from practicing his wrestling skills, cause they fucking sucked. If he were in the gym practicing how to sell moves maybe he wouldn't be such a joke now. Fuck Hogan!

    ~Three Said That~
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  5. If i was the great Hoke i would make sure to respond based on the fact shitty casuals really do eat whatever cm punks says as truth. (see randy and the pipebomb)

    Hogan was godlike. Was.
  6. I cannot agree anymore with this post, Hogan was a bad wrestler and should be told it more often :/.
  7. Two excellent points.
  8. I agree with Hulk, for sure. But it's funny how these guys get all worked up over a heel promo, yeah. But I had a friend of mine (Punk mark) talking crap about how Bob Backlund was nothing because Punk said he wrestled once a month because of that promo. :mad2:
  9. I was already rasslin when he was in diapers, brother!
  10. Hogan vs Muata

    Watch it, he wasn't a bad wrestler at all.... Plus his psychological understanding was phenomenal. It takes a special performer to structure a match so people care about a leg drop.
  11. Is there a LOT of examples like Hogan v Muata? I mean, any wrestler can have a good day, especially if they work with better ring workers. It's probably unfair to call him a bad wrestler but it's probably a bit far to call him a good wrestler (depends on your definition of good wrestler though). And to be honest, if you're over as much as Hogan, it doesn't really take much psychology to make people care about your big finisher. His finisher could have been a disaster lick where he just licks their cheek and they still would have popped their tits off.
  12. I'll link you to multiple good Hogan matches if you want plus you misunderstood my point no one has had a finishing sequence as over as the hulk up, he built the excitement throughout his matches via his psychology, being over is only a part of the issue especially in lengthy matches. He got people to care via his selling which many doing similar routines had failed to do, Sheamus for example was really over during his initial face run but when he rallied few people cared.
  13. Hogan's matches in Japan were much more wrestling oriented than his matches in North America. He gave people what they wanted, Hulk gets beat up, Hulk Hulks up, big boot, leg drop, victory. It worked for over a decade, why would he change it?
  14. Re: RE: Hogan Responds To Recent CM Punk Promo

    It worked back then, but the bar was incredibly too low back then, imo. You can train a monkey to be hulk Hogan, seeing how he already knows how to throw shit at people, the hardest part would be teaching him to say hulks catch phrases.

    If Hogan wrestled now, he'd be trashed harder than any other person in history. You can't say that about too many legends in any sport, even though the landscape of the sports change, most legends would so thrive, if not more than before.

    I respect him for what he did for the business, but the pedestal he's on should be brought down a few hundred miles.

    ~Three Said That~
  15. Charisma gets you further than in ring ability in wrestling, there is so much proof of that. Austin was fantastic in ring early in his career. He only became huge after he was injured and his matches were never 5 star (except WM 13).
  16. Hogan has no room to talk. He was treated as a king while in the wwe and had paid Airplanes and limos. If Roddy Piper had said this (stabbed 3 times traveling) Then i'd give it credibility. Hogan is a running joke.

    Jimmy superFly snuka said in Bloodstained Memoirs "Hogan he was very good, a buisness man, but not so great in the ring"
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  17. Obviously Hogan wasn't great in the ring but that doesn't take away from his overall greatness. Fucking GOAT. Like it or not.
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  18. He's got it about right.

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  19. Was so pissed when heat beat Hogan at WM 6, still thought it was real @ 6 years old.
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