News Hogan training for one more match against.....

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Trip in the Head, Aug 4, 2014.

  1. I would not want to see Hogan wrestle again no matter who his opponent was.
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  2. Zombie Andre?
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  3. Don't really wanna see it.
  4. Only if the end result would be him infecting Hogan... lots and lots of blood spurting everywhere.
  5. Brains brother, I need braiiiiinss............
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  6. I'd rather not. Everyone would shit on this match, nobody wants to see "I kick out at 2" SuperCena vs "One Punch rekt the A&8s" Hawk Hogan.
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  7. I would love to see this happen for all of the wrong reasons.
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  8. How's the match gonna end? Pin by respecting the opponent to hard?

    Hogan can't take a bump for the love of all things in the world. He couldn't even run 2 feet to get throw someone out of the ring (I think it was The Miz?)He couldn't even take a punch bump in TNA. He should train but not for a match. Unless he wants to die at WM.
  9. people can shit on the match and bitch about not wanting to see it but I call bullshit. when the match actually happens you will all tune in for this train wreck
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  10. So much love for the product on here nowadays
  11. Yeah! It's so unpredictable and not repetitive! Smackdown is NOT a RAW Recap show that bores my shit to sleep.
  12. Sounds better than last years WM ME.:happy:
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  13. lulz

    Seth Rollins vs Hulk Hogan: 60 Min Iron man match. WrestleMania 31 the death site for Hulk Hogan.
  14. Silverdome BROTHA. guy's gone senile.
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  15. That's what taking your vitamins, drinking your milk and saying your prayers does to you, bro.
  16. I enjoy Smackdown TBH

    EDIT: I'm a mark remember now
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  17. He couldn't even pass a physical to form a tag team with John Cena for this year's Wrestlemania, I don't see where he thinks they're gonna allow him to wrestle in a one-on-one affair.

    He had his "one last match" (about four times...) in WWE back in 2005/2006. Let it go, Hulk.
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  18. Hogan could train to fight literally anybody and I wouldn't give a crap.
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  19. Hogan v Cena
    Icon v icon
    Legend v legend
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