News Hogan training for WWE return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 26, 2013.

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  2. Back in the ring? Still? Damn
  3. I support the idea of Hogan coming back to the WWE for Mania.

    I don't support him getting back in the ring as an active wrestler. He needs to understand that it's just not a good idea, either for his health or from a business standpoint. Any physical activity he participates in should be severely limited and should definitely not include a match.

    Or, to quote my first reaction upon seeing the thread title: "Oh, God. Please, no."

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  4. Fuck no keep him away from the ring and away from WWE
  5. Yayyy just keep him away from TNA that's all I care about.
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  6. Getting back in the ring, that's a injury waiting to happen Hogan.If you want to get in better shape to fit your clothes better that's fine, but to wrestle no way Jose!
  7. Hogan looks in good shape but he is really in terrible shape it'd be nice to see Hogan return but we all as fans think its too dangerous, his body can't take the punishment, as a active wrestler hell no and a one time thing I don't think he can keep up.
  8. Will kill Hogan if he returns to the ring!
  9. Ya know what, I'm not as angry at the idea as I thought I would've been. :cornette:
  10. Great news!
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  11. I'd love for him to return and have some type of role at Wrestlemania XXX, but getting back in the ring is awful from all standpoints. I guess he really does want that one final match in WWE like Ric Flair got, and I can understand why. He deserves that kind of reverent treatment more than anyone else (including Flair) considering he put WWF and Wrestlemania on the map. But from a health standpoint and for the sake of his own well being, I think that time has probably passed.

    If they really insist on Hogan climbing (or should I say, stumbling) back into the ring one last time though, then get ready for this:


    Another huge accolade on the resume of John Cena, this time getting to be the one to retire the Hulkster! I actually wish the match had happened around 2005 or 2006 (the time this picture was taken) as Hogan wasn't as old or broken down then, and it would have came not long after the roaring "One More Match" chants at the 2005 Hall Of Fame. They did try to get it going at Wrestlemania 25, but unfortunately, Hogan wasn't in condition to wrestle then either.
  12. I don't mind Hogan in WWE at all, if he's there then TNA won't throw money in his face to try and get him to stay there. The thing is, Hogan needs to realize that he can't workout and suddenly gain the ability to wrestle again without getting physically hurt from the opponent. Hogan is way past his age to wrestle, he's been past his prime for years and he still wrestled. He pushed himself beyond his limit, and his body just cannot take it anymore. That being said, I wouldn't mind watching a segment of him squashing 3MB. Going for one more wind up and leg drop. As for an actual match, no. He needs to realize he just cannot be wrestling anymore. Stick him to a GM role if anything, that way he'll get those pops and won't actually have to fight but appears on television regularly.
  13. lol Hogan training to wrestle again for WWE? There's no way Vince will put Hogan back in the ring, he'll probably only use him for a nostalgia appearance.
  14. Everyone who was around in the late eighties/early nineties would mark at a Hogan appearance. Coincidently, that age group is now in their 20s and 30s which I would assume is the largest age group of PPV buyers. It'd be best for business whether you all like it or not. Deep down I'm still a 6 year old Hulkamaniac, brother. If "I am a real American" suddenly starting blasting on RAW I'd pre a little, not gonna lie.
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  15. He's just gonna Hulk Up and drop a big leg on his bad health and wrestle that one last match. :haha:

    Nah, I really don't want to see him wrestling. He can have some other role, sure, but wrestling doesn't sound like a good idea.
  16. Am I the only one who wants him to sign for WWE and have a match at Mania 30? Even if it's 2 minutes and horrendous. I marked out so much when he faced Orton at SummerSlam (06 I believe)

  17. I'm 19 and I would too, anyone who knows shit about wrestlings history will.

    If he does come back have him be in a tag match with a young babyface to get the hot tag, a one on one doesn't work now but pair him with Big E against Axel and Ryback with Hulk coming in Hulking up cleaning house hitting the leg drop before tagging E in for the Big Ending. Hulk gets his big pop and E gets a nice rub as Hulk signs him as a future legend.
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  18. Hogan, Ocean, and Vacant vs The Shield at WM 30.
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  19. If Hogan can't come back for a singles match, I'd rather he didn't come back at all (from an in-ring standpoint.) Sticking him in a tag team match of any kind wouldn't do him justice. I know his "One More Match" from Backlash 2005 was a tag match, but I don't know that anyone really thought that would be his last match. Imagine Austin or Rock returning in a tag team match.
  20. Hulk can come home to WWE and go out like the champion he is. I'm glad he's not wasting any more time in fucking TNA. What a shit hole. They're going down the tubes now that Hogan's gone. It boggles my mind why Sting would still associate himself with that "organization".

    I use the word "organization" in the loosest possible sense.

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