News Hogan Tweets About WWE Return :(

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Oct 22, 2013.

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  2. WE CENA NUFF! :angry:
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  3. Laughed so much at the "that's what's best for business" tweet. What should go next? Hogan fighting Austin at Wrestlemania? (Would love to see it, and would bring a lot of attention, but they are way too old to put up the best match of their careers)
  4. They can have a Viagra & depends match.
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  5. Viagra would limit their moves :yuno:
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  6. Limit? Or enhance?
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  7. They moves will be limited but they'll be more powerful :ksi:
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  8. But if the match goes for more than 4 hours, well, you know the rest....
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  9. They'll need to talk with a doctor (because one of them may be pregnant)
  10. So much for Stone Cold's Lou Thesz press. OW!
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  11. Sounds good to me. WWE would actually use the dude how he's supposed to be used to some degree.

    Maybe they'll let Slater bounce off of him or something at 'Mania for cheap pops.
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  12. I hope they do a story with his daughter. She was decent looking.
  13. Would mark to see Hulk Hogan back in a WWE ring, not gonna lie. I wouldn't want him wrestling but I'd love to see him be involved in some type of angle or segment with someone. (And since I don't watch TNA, I haven't been made sick to death of seeing the guy on TV like some others have.) Make him the guest host of Wrestlemania 30 or a referee for a big match (Bryan/HHH makes sense for obvious reasons) or something.

  14. The real wrestling fans will love to see Hogan at WrestleMania 30. I'd love to see him get some kind of lifetime achievement award or something. He's already Hall of Fame though, so that may be kind of redundant. I'd like to see Heath Slater bump around for some of Hulk's punches in a short segment.

    WrestleMania is The House That Hulk Built.
  15. Watch that multi-color shit. Mods no likey when that hermaphrodite Deathclaw did it. Just sayin.
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  16. What would they do with Hogan if he returned? I mean I would use him as the WWE commissioner if they could return the position, He could help bring life back to the IC and WHC.
  17. There were hermies here?
  18. It was a now banned member who had (mostly) everyone thinking he was a young girl who was WAY to into AJ Lee. He was outed eventually.
  19. Ohhhhhhh lol
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