HOGAN vs PUNK / NHL Lightning vs Hawks

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Koko B., Jun 9, 2015.

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  1. Punk vs Hogan at WM 32 confirmed, brother!
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  2. Did Hogan mention to the panel about the time the Tampa Bay Lightning wanted to recruit him to their team, but he declined because he was too busy auditioning for the role of Jesus in The Passion Of The Christ instead?
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  3. There's your "The Mad Lies of Hulk Hogan" material, m8. lol
  4. Arguing over a children's game.. Punk is known as a whiny little bitch so it's no surprise there, but Hogan? C'mon man, Hogan is better than that, at least i thought he was.
  5. CM Punk Blasts Hulk Hogan Again

    The feud continues!
  6. No way CM Punk is still crying. :booker2:

    The guy should just get on with his life.
  7. CM Punk's first opponent in UFC will be Hulk Hogan!!
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  8. Punk who has arguably one of the worst bodies of any wwe champion ever says hogan (who is in incredible shape for his age) eats icing three times a day. Dude just wants to "hitch his wagon" to a real megastar.
  9. 2 whiny retired wrestlers in a twitter feud. Jeez, so original.

    Anyhow, Hogan stirring shit up like he loves to. I would also milk this If I was punk, easy publicity for his first(maybe last, lol) fight
  10. lol punk is dogshit who is a fanfavorite and nothing more. Hogan has earned his right to talk, Punk whined/cried for his.
  11. No one has earned the right to be a douche, imo. They are both douches, regardless of how I grade them in relevancy

    edit: Seriously, is there some "legend certificate" I'm unaware off as to why Punk should get panned for his bullshit and hogan shouldn't?
  12. Yes.
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  13. awesome
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