Hogan wants to be TNA world champion...

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Dec 22, 2012.

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  2. Not a great idea unless he puts som..... :haha: sorry couldn't end that one
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  3. Oh boy :facepalm: WCW all over again.
  4. Re: RE: Hogan wants to be TNA world champion...

    Without the peak aswell, anyone have Arquettes number?
  5. Definitely will stop watching if he does become champ.
  6. This can be actually funny in a neutral way.
  7. If you haven't noticed, Hulk Hogan is a troll of all sorts. And a damn good one.

    So brother, you got 'em dude. Jack :hogan:
  8. Hogan vs. Hardy, though, would quite possibly be the biggest match in TNA history, along with Hogan-Sting, Sting-Jarrett, Sting-Angle, Angle-Joe, Angle-Jarrett, the Unbreakable 3 Way and Sting-Styles. Definitely out there in top.

    I'm not saying I wanna see this, just making a point lol.
  9. Re: RE: Hogan wants to be TNA world champion...

    If they went all out and advertised the shit outta it before hand and it lead to the antichrist returning after retaining all would be dandy.
  10. Hogan actually going over Hardy in 2013 would make me lol more than Hogan going over Orton in 2006 after Orton waited for the Legdrop the full 2 mins.
  11. Except this is 15 years later, same champion.

    This is way too early for an April fools joke. Hogan beating Bobby Roode? (We all know who hardy drops the belt to)

    The only way this happens actually happened on WCW, Roode lays down for the count, but what would be in it for him now? Use of Hogans AARP card?
  12. What's sad is that I could see them actually giving it to him.
  13. Hogan getting the title could be a good thing, tbh. Even if it's a one month reign. Why not?
  14. Re: RE: Hogan wants to be TNA world champion...

    Someone was beaten by a 60 year old who has 8 back surgeries, not only that but they were the best in the company at that time as champion. You're basicky saying lol our guys suck, our best lost to this crony
  15. This. We complain about Rock supposedly taking the title off of Punk but Hogan taking it off of Hardy/Aries/Roode is okay?
  16. Hogan is wrestling.. No matter at what age. When he comes out everyone knows what's going on. Even though there will be his 5 moves and all like it always has been, still Hulk Hogan who did it.

    Hulk..... Hogan.....
  17. Hogan doesn't draw for TNA. TNA's marketing department sucks royally. It wouldn't matter if Hogan picked up the strap because very few people care about Hogan's in ring career now. He is too old and TNA wouldn't promote it right anyway.
  18. Only Hogan..... Knows when he's too old.
    He knows best.:true:

    Oh well, let's see how it goes.
  19. I'm totally against it. It would devalue the hardworking Impact roster to put the belt on a 59 year old with 8 back surgeries and both hips repaired.
  20. Ok, ok..

    Just was giving an opinion.

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