Other HoH VI Results: The West Coast Invasion

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Testify, Jun 15, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Minus a few obvious boring matches, this sounds like fun. Will watch.
  2. Mil is still going? Cool. This seems like a fun card, main event obviously awesome, Bennett/Storm seems like a fun match up too.
  3. Mil is 71 yrs old, what a beast.

    Joey Ryan in the opener :joeyryan:
  4. Joey is always a plus. He could have a pretty fun, contrasting match with Tommaso.
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  5. Any idea on the crowd turn out? This being their first show on the west coast and all.
  6. Credit: Mark Carpowich & PWInsider

    The show, held at the Harrah's Resort just outside of San Diego, was fairly well attended, considering that Valley Center (the actual city where the venue is located) isn't really close to anything and is not particularly easy to get to.
  7. Okay. So no apparent number but the turn out was good. That's dandy. Good for HOH. The one show run by an ECW alumni to not be a reunion show and doing well.
  8. HoH 4 and HoH 5 shows in NY and PA did each around 1500 people, the numbers Dreamer was extremely happy with.

    Reportedly, HoH is making decent profit for Dreamer.
  9. Yeah I saw the results for those shows and the crowds. Ich bin pleased. If they could run more regularly (Which I suspect Dreamer intends to) and develop some "HOH guys" instead of relying on established indy talents/TNA/WWE alumni. HOH could become a indy to be reckoned with.
  10. What about the main event, Full vs Reby Sky in a internet youtube comment match?
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  11. I shit on this the entire read, then saw the Main Event. Still, LOL Gangrel. two 70 year old's and still the card looks better than a lot i've seen. I'd go sit in a fold up chair and watch it for $8.
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  12. only a funny faggot like you could write this down. Classic AJ
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  13. It's one of those deals where i giggle at a few names and then realize the card is really legit. I didn't even know Gangrel still existed tbh, and bob holly?

    I'd watch this over WWE lately any day.
  14. Mil Mascaras is 71 and still wrestling. That itself is worth at least $7.50
  15. yeah... how does this company do in general? I never really hear about HOH.
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