Holiday decorations

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  1. Last year we had some Christmas lights and snow on the header for the holidays. And since that time is closing in I was wondering if you the users want anything similar this year?

    Feel free to use this thread to offer suggestions on things we can do with the site for the holidays. Staff will read through it and discuss the things we find most fun/interesting to do.

  2. Coon probably already has his shops done, right Coon? :lol1:
  3. hate christmas
  4. Snow and christmas lights would work just fine, I suppose you could also have ornaments hanging from the header logo as well, or have stockings hanging on the right side of the header logo where there's some space.
  5. [​IMG]

    Gohan would love it.
  6. Lets out some yamakas and dradles and stuff. Jews are people too but they never get any love
  7. Oh sure, lets include the Hanukkah but leave out Kwanzaa. Racist
  8. sure about that?
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  9. Wonder when Dolph's is publicing his thesis on Jews being space lizards....

    I would like to see CM Punk as the Grinch in the header.
  10. Just realized I actually typed "the Hanukkah"
    :troll: :awyeah:classic
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