Holidays You Don't Celebrate

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jun 28, 2013.

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  1. What are some Holidays you don't celebrate?
  2. Everyone one of them except Thanksgiving.
  3. I don't really celebrate anything aside from Thanksgiving (I just go to my parents house and eat their shit :happy: ). Well, some times I get shit for X-mas but that's about it. I'm too poor to buy shit, and cba "celebrating" anything.
  4. I used to celebrate Easter and Christmas but the Easter Bunny never showed up and gave me eggs and Santa Claus never bothered to show up with presents so fuck both of them.
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  5. I don't celebrate Christmas, New Years, Thanks Giving, and Easter. It's most because those holidays are the time when my family comes over and annoys the shit out of me. I'm not into family to be honest.
  6. Pancake day. Because I can't cook, and Mum always fucking forgets to make them.
  7. The only one I do celebrate is Valentines Day, and that's just because Hardees accidentally gave me 2 burgers instead of 1 on Valentines 3 years ago, and ever since I've celebrated that glorious occasion by eating their food. :yay: Rest of the holidays are either pointless or overcommercialized annoyances :sandow:
  8. Yeah, THAT'S why you don't celebrate Valentines Day :pity1:
  9. But, but, that's the one I do celebrate! :yay: Haha, the jokes... still... valid... :okay:
  10. I dont celebrate easter or christmas in a religious way because I dont believe it, I love pancake day, I always make pancakes and no one else gives a shit so I eat them all
  11. Wow I misread your post Rain. Thought it said you don't celebrate it. Now my joke just seems "uh are retard?" as Randy would say. Fuck. :((!!!

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  13. Uh retarded like Gohan would say
  14. I only celebrate Metal Xmas, because that's when Ronnie Dioclause comes and gives me metal.
  15. *Raises both fists in the air* Ha! Yes! I've been waiting over a year for this day! WOO HOO I WAS A VERY SMALL PART OF MAKING CRAYO LOOK LIKE A JACKASS! :yay:


    You oughta create an award for this. It happens so infrequently! Oooh, let me add on to your troubles for mocking you about the one thing I said I was going to mock you about... ummm, what was that? Fuck. *Sits down next to you and cries*

    No, people, don't look at us... just a couple of mentally challenged dweebs, nothing to see here...
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  16. hahaha God I love Rain.

  17. [​IMG] Make em god damn it!
  18. Uhh, idk. I guess I don't celebrate all the other holidays besides Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the occasional Valentine's Day if I'm with anyone at the time.
  19. Married with kids, thus I'm forced to be involved in "celebrating" every little fucking thing. It's exhausting and damned expensive.
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  20. Valentines day and Halloween.

    I'm British so no Thanksgiving for me.
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