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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 3, 2014.

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  1. One of the string of returns from last week. Miz returned working an arrogant movie star gimmick. And he did it well.

    Seems like they finally found the right spot for him. The narcissistic midcard heel who believes his own hype. He's always been a better heel than a babyface and I can see him making this gimmick work. Plus it can create some great comedy for Mr. "I'm the Marine dammit!". Like seeing him go to walmart/K-Mart and seeing his movie in the bargain bin, and then freaking out.

    I like Hollywood Miz so far.

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  2. He's no Rock, but I definitely enjoyed what I've seen out of him so far.

    Big shot, Hollywood gimmicks like what Rock did in 2003 and Batista did in 2010 usually are awesome.
  3. From what I saw it was indeed pretty good. Heel Miz is fine.
  4. It was a great way for him to return. He was drawing some good heat before Y2J came out.
  5. We like to hate him, and being a babyface was going nowhere. Now he can get on with his career and hopefully we won't all be wondering "How did this guy main event WrestleMania before CM Punk?" by the end of his time in the WWE.
  6. Heel, face, I still hate Miz either way.

    Lucky ass Real World/Tough Enough reality show taking and turning it into a television/movie career POS!

    Sorry I blacked out for a sec. What were we talking about?
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  7. Always been a Miz fan since his debut. Hated the babyface run though, absolutely hated it. Now that he's back as heel, I'm extremely pumped to see what he does. Already loving it again.
  8. Your delusions obviously.
  9. Bah, I disliked the guy WAAAAY back on the Real World when I was teen and my view still hasn't changed. Screw Miz. But at least now that he's a heel again I'm playing into it exactly how they would want me to anyway.
  10. I'm with Trip. Miz gets "go away" heat for me personally, similar to Punk. Don't care if they're face, heel, or what they're doing. They can fuck off.

    Luckily I'm not watching 'E atm so I don't have to deal with Miz.
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  11. I'm glad he's back to being a heel, but I'm still not looking forward to anything he does, really.
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  12. Exactly
  13. Too bad he's returned. He should just go host a show on the network then fade into obscurity,
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  14. Been waiting for Senhor's words of wisdom in this thread, haha.

    But seriously, rewatching some of NXT Season 2 and forgot just how damn good he was as a talker/character back then. The guy used to be such money on the mic! But his promos for the past few years have been subpar to simply bad. Wonder what changed?

    Ever since he's come back Jericho has flicked the dude away like a gnat flying around his head, so w/e.
  15. Heel Miz is awesome! Babyface Miz, not so much. So yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing more of 'Hollywood' Miz.

    WWE's product has been improving as of late, that's a good thing. Can't wait to see more!
  16. Miz could have been a fantastic babyface if they let him cut loose similar to his teased turn post WM before they turned Riley. He's a money talker when talking down to people so they just need to point him at heels and let him mock them properly not in the generic babyface style. He shouldn't be a perm maineventer but in a floating uppermidcrder role he's perfect. His heel work deserves props also Riley got pops for ages because of Miz.

    Heel Miz is easier for the E to book,well heels are in general.
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  17. Miz has a face that you'd just like to punch. That alone makes him better as a heel than a face to me.
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  18. I'm enjoying his work since his return.

    And I'm looking forward to his feud with Y2J.

  19. From his initial promo, it seems like it's something he could work with and get some heat from. He needs to improve in the ring but the support he should get from the gimmick should help that along.
  20. If his dad was used as his manager i would legit mark out for Miz. Crazy how many returns they had in one night.
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