Holy Britannian Empire Info! The Coutury I WILL TAKE DOWN!

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Jul 22, 2013.

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  1. Known Areas
    1. United States - Disputed (considering the timeline, the United States doesn't exist in this world) In addition, Britannians make several mentions to the "Homeland" suggesting that there's a part of their empire that isn't an Area. Since the original colonies that Britannian nobles fled to after losing Great Britain were in North America, it would make sense that at least part of the United States as well as possibly part of Canada, would be the "Homeland".
    2. Canada and Queen Elizabeth Islands
    3. Mexico
    4. Greenland
    5. Iceland
    6. South America
    7. Hawaii and Midway Atoll
    8. Falkland Islands
    9. New Zealand
    10. Indochina - Disputed (Indochina is shown as a territory of the Chinese Federation)
    11. Japan- Area 11 after the war!
    12. Philippines
    13. Cambodia - Disputed (While Britannia seems to have connections with Cambodia, it was never called an Area) In addition, Cambodia is considered a part of Indochina.
    14. Papua New Guinea
    15. Southern Pacific Islands
    16. Korean Peninsula - Disputed (Shown as a territroy of the Chinese Federation)
    17. Indonesia - Disputed (shown as a territory of the Chinese Federation, especially taking part of the uprising)
    18. Middle Eastern Federation

  2. LOL assumed it was for brita. I think it's her odds if she tries to flee from the US. She has to, since US is #1, but cant go to those main countries. You're fucked Britanica
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  3. I gotta ask this but wtf is the point you are trying to make, as i have no clue, it all sounds like random shit to me, if it's a pop at us Brits and the US independance stuff, then i guess maybe you better get your ass out of here and go research some history son

    If it aint then explain it more mate
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    @pottsy946 this is from code geass the anime cartoon show. I am zero the guy go against the is Coutury called Britannian in this anime the us did not beat the uk in the American r. thank to Lord Britannia b/c of this the conteres in this anime were rename Britannia after Lord Britannia and become the king of this new contury! do understand now?

    PS I know my history I have 95% in high school.
  5. Ok mate but thats just fucking random with no expalnation tbh, maybe you should have explained it a bit more as it's like wtf for those of us that don't know the anime you are talking about
  6. Holy Britannian Empire which is not a real country.
  8. Damn is that an offer to the forum then ?
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  9. :lol1:
  10. what so funny its the true!
  11. Death Star destroyed your planet though, so you ain't got no home son :pipebomb:
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  12. We all know you don't. :pity2:
  13. ur? do I have to show my trispict!? :pipebomb: I really have 95% in SS!
  14. no u did not I use my geass on ur lord!
  15. You used your gay ass on my lord? Sorry, you're not my type.
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    You just got rejected :pipebomb: x2
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  16. geass make then follow any order on wanted then to do!
  17. But do you have a lightsaber? Now listen here ya virgin character, I fucked my wife then choked her. You think it was the force? Damn straight, the force of my dark side cock choked her, if it wasn't for that asswipe Obi-Wan, she would have died on my dark dick :tough:
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  18. his geass eyes is out of control he use it. someone ever kill him with a sword and that fail b/c he use geass and order him to die and so he kill himself with sword. and zero is like ur lord he a commener/leader not a figher, u would be fighing kalen who has a knight mar g2 basic like gundon or zoid. and she really fast. and if we go by season he has his fake little brother rolo who has a geass power how ever rolo geass power is to stop time for 5 secord so he could use it take vader lightsaber and put though he heart! battle over! :pipebomb:
  19. So he's a pussy who doesn't fight on own battles? And cool story bro, I can still blow up your planet.
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