Holy shiz! I'm rich!

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by William, Nov 18, 2013.

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  1. Would someone like to explain this cash system to me? I logged on for the first time in months and saw it and it's got me confused :sad1:
  2. Simple forum cash. You get cash for making threads, posting in threads etc etc. It can be used to purchase name changes and different username colors. Some functions are restricted to legends. More features are being worked on.
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  3. Ahhh, okay I got ya. Concept is cool I dunno if I'll like it though.
  4. It's a nice way for us to add features that let the users feel unique without forcing them to purchase the features with real money. If anything, if you feel like you're not going to be using it, donate it to people around the board.

    I don't really use it, so I just pick people at random and send them all of my cash on-hand at the time with a (usually vulgar) poem.
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  5. Broooooooo you ain't rich. Sure, look at The Hoff's forum cash money, and it ain't much. Yeah. So, but do you KNOW how much money in the bank Hoff has? Do you even bank, bro? C'monnnnnnnn it's shit like that Hoff, that makes people dislike you. Sorry, for that. He has a mind of his own, I swear. Seriously, nice cash flow brotha. Here's to one day becoming one of the richest here. ONe last thing before The Hoff goes.:finger:
  6. I'm hungry. I need cheez-its.
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