Homosexual PDA Turns Heads in Mississippi

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  1. So many homophobic, Jesus christ.
    4:25 - The college students give me hope for this world. Especially the guy in the blue shirt. Definitely a role model.

    "Hunting Season star Ben Baur makes up one half of the adorable couple copping a kiss in the Mississippi restaurant featured on ABC’s "What Would You Do"
    The show plants actors in real settings to incite public ethical and moral dilemmas in order to film the actions and reactions of people nearby.

    This week, Ben and his boyfriend Andreas snuggle up next to each other at El Sombrero, a Mexican dining establishment in the “quaint town” of Vicksburg, Mississippi. This may be “the hospitality state,” but it’s also one of the absolute worst in providing LGBT protections."

    So What would you do? Would it bother you? Or it's none of your business?

    I live in Sweden, a small town. I haven't seen so many gays guys. If i saw two guys together, I wouldn't care if I'll be honest. It's 2014, not 1970's. People have a right to be happy. People have a right to be in love same gender. It's none of my business if you love someone of the same gender.

    "It's in the Bible" "Because the Bible tells me so" Come on. I lost hope for humanity when people say so.
  2. I hate everyone. If I see any couple holding hands I'll slap the shit out of them.
  3. Harsh reality is that America, especially in the deep south, is still very discriminatory.. against religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, and many other things... this is the area that wanted slavery to remain.. an area where the beliefs of the people are passed down through the generations and many beliefs (especially religious beliefs) from those slave owners are still alive today many generations later. It's sad but true. Hopefully one day those influences will die out... but that's up to each generation to decide.

    On the subject at hand... I personally feel love is love... it is the ultimate feel good feeling.. and why should persons who love within their own gender be robbed of that feeling? They shouldn't... end of story.
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  4. PDA in general is usually pretty cringey. That being said, idk why people can't just look away/walk away.

    lol @ rednecks
  5. I hate seeing any PDA, no matter who is involved.

    I have no issue at all with people being gay/bi/whatever. I'd be a hypocrit for a start, but that's neither here nor there.
    If people don't like seeing same sex PDA's then they should, like said above, walk away, close their eyes.

    It still baffles me that there is so much homophobia in the world. Have people not learned that who a total stranger loves has no impact in them whatsoever?
  6. You can think seeing two dudes make out is gross without making you homophobic. I think two morbidly obese people making out is gross. I think old people making out would be gross. Being grossed out does not equate to hating gay people.

    Also, without wasting my time watching the video, those reaction shows are generally staged as hell.

    oh and last but not least I agree with deth about PDA. Some people just go overboard. Save that shit for your own time dick wads.
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