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Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Jul 28, 2013.

  1. I could lie to you and say I thought it sucked, but I'm just going to be honest. I really enjoyed Total Divas. There. I said it.
    It actually opened my eyes quite a bit, it's not just a binch of girls bitching at each other and working matches whenever they're told to, it's actually quite emotional. Kinda felt sorry for them, they were talking pretty much through the whole episode about how excited they are for their WrestleMania match and how this is the biggest moment of their careers, anjd you're just sitting there watching, knowing that they're gonna get cut.
    Same for Natalya. She's considered the veteran of the divas divison (as well as Layla, who isn't a part of the show), and they showed her getting pulled aside and being told that she isn't on the WM card, it must feel pretty shitty being told you don't have a match but the Bellas, who have just come back after 11 months, do.
    Jo-Jo is hot, too.
    Anyway, I personally enjoyed the show. I've always been somewhat of a "fan" of the divas division, more so than most wrestling fans, I think, and this was an interesting show for me. I didn't realize how hectic it was, for example, the Funkadactylls' WM match is minutes away and their costumes aren't even ready yet, must be stressful.
    Anyway, yeah.

    Also Cameron's boyfriend tried to fight Brodus backstage. Smh. :pity1:
  2. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who enjoyed it. I'm not sure if the Bella Twins use a gimmick on TV now. It might just be them. But.."You suck" "WAHH, HE TOLD ME I SUCK....even though I do" (I might've added a part to that.) "Ooh, I'ma whoop he ass where he be?" (Really would've got his ass whooped. But, if Brodus said it to Naomi, Jimmy Uso was gonna whoop that bitch. But, I quite enjoy D-Bry and Cena off of SmackDown/RAW and all that stuff,
  3. That dweeb (Cameron's bitch) wouldn't stand a chance against Santino, never mind a big guy like Brodus.
  4. This was most likely his reaction to all of this:
    "He said I suck. :please-54:"

    (In Vinny's mind: "I act all tough and I might get laid tonight! :tyson:")

    "Yeah, I whop tht betch!"

    (Vinny's Mind: Wait, what if she comes with me? :silva:)

    *Vinny gets the chance to get out of the situation since somebody "convinced" him not to go*

    (Vinny's Mind: Alright, No ass whooping and I still might get laid! :woo:)
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  5. Damnit. I totally forgot to set an alarm so I could watch it and make fun of it. Ah well. I might stream it and make fun of it then.
  6. Yeah, it was a pretty dope show. Cringe worthy at first, but I liked it. Pumped for next week.
  7. Piece of crap.
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  8. I heard the only two divas who didn't act like stuck up douches were Jojo and Natty,good for them.
  9. It seems like from their shit promo on RAW that there will be heels and faces on the show as well.
  10. I skipped that haha,but, it figures there would be faces and heels on the show,it is produced by WWE afterall. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole show was kayfabed.
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  11. ...it's a reality show, of course it kayfabe, lmfao. That's like asking if Jersey Shore is %100 real or not, LOL.
  12. [​IMG]

    Still being kayfabed, brother?
  13. Wait..Jersey Shore wasn't real? My life is...ruined.:((
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  14. Can't believe people fell for the kayfabe. Fuck watching a scripted reality show.
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  15. I'll watch it when Freddie Mercury stops being gay.
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  17. Lmfao, tried to watch it until Eva Maria came out. Piece of crap. You don't know how to wrestle get your snob gimmick outta my screen. Seriously, I watched like 5 minutes. An thought it was reality. I was like wow bitches behave like bitches backstage. Didn't think there was that heat backstage but now that I now it's scripted (Thought it was but I was like... It's a REALITY show) fuck dat shit. I will only watch the segments where there are slips
  18. Live Reactions
    Show Spoiler
    Stupid intro shit blah blah blah. Cena can fish? Okay. BRYAN! YES! YES! YES! Aaaaaaaaaaand Cena buys Nikki a car? New people. God they are annoying, How the fuck did fuckoffdactyls get booked over Natalya? Vincent :lol1:. Dress rehearsals for Mania? :dafuq:. Vincent is back! Why the hell is Nattie looking after the new people? Inb4 Ariane cries and she cries. Vincent picks a fight with Brodus :facepalm: Fucking idiot. Naomi! She has talent why the fuck is she stuck with Ariane? Bella's mad at Eva Marie :christian:. Got a point if WWE want to sign unique people why sign her? :idk:. Nice red hair :obama:. OOOOOOOOOOOOH! Jane is maaaaaaaaaaad! Oh no wait she likes it. Stupid party, Ofc Nattie has to work when the new kids run around like idiots. Shits goin dooooooooooooown! Bella's takin control! Ring shopping? Bryan gettin in there! Where is Bryan? I want more Bryan on this show! Ariane being a bitch. How did she get fucking signed? Out of everyone on Tough Enough she is fucking signed? Fuck her. Nikki and Cena blah blah blah no one gives a fuck. Mania stuff! Coolio. Bryan and Kane Vs Ziggy E LangsDolph. DIVING HEADBUT! 1 2 3 ring bell botch. Gear not done blah blah blah. NO YOU SHUSH!. THEY WERE BOOKED FOR AFTER TAKER AND PUNK?!?!?!?! WTF!?!?! Inb4 they are cut. And their cut. Should have shoved it on the pre-show in the first place. Longer Taker/Punk >>>>>>>>>>. Too many emotions. Ariane says a 5 min was stressful :lol1:. End of show. Meh 4/10. Final Review:It was okay, Ariane is a bitch.
  19. Anyone knows if Eva Maria botched an entrance with dango or smthing
  20. Of course it is bro. That show is like based on my life
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