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  1. Have you ever cheated on someone or been cheated on?

    Every relationship I had, with the exception of one, I was cheated on. The only ones I do not count are the ones that didn't last a month. When I was younger, I used to believe that it was my fault and I was doing something wrong... And now I know it was my fault. I picked crappy people to date and heck, even to be friends with. Likely why I don't mind being alone (which is sad). I just find it funny how just a handful of people can treat a person so bad, they are basically put off by other people entirely.
  2. I've cheated in svr11, if that counts.
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  3. The first time I was cheated on happened 5 years ago, when I was 15 years old. This girl I was dating at the time cheated on me with one of my good pals I was training football (soccer) with. I couldn't believe it when I found out, the worst thing was that I saw it with my own eyes.

    I actually broke up with her via phone call. lol It hasn't happened since (me breaking up with a girl via phone). I actually don't condone breaking up via phone call/text now. But yeah, that one time back then, I called her and said "I'm looking at your ex right now" and she was like "What? Where?" and I was like "In the mirror" and hung up. lol

    The fact of the matter is, most of the people I meet nowadays are shit. And just like you, I don't mind being alone, maybe because I'm an only child and I'm kinda used to that stuff, I don't know.
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  4. You just made my day. Thank you, sir!
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  5. I love that line. haha And yeah you got screwed over by two people, one of which was a friend. That has got to be hard to trust anyone. I got screwed over my friends but not like that. It was more a less lying and talking behind my back, and using me, blah blah. You are not a lone though dude. A lot of people suck. That is why I lurk and hang out on forums. That is enough social interaction for my day. lol
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  6. Common thing in today's friendship. Been there, done that. Thankfully, I've cut those kind of "friends" loose. I mean, why the hell do you only call me when you need something? Screw you.

    Oh yeah, this forum rules. There are some really cool people.
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  7. I have no respect for people who cheat.. No i haven't cheated and i'll never cheat on someone.. If you're with someone you would think you respect them enough to not screw around on them
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  8. Yeah I am gathering that. I like it here I am glad I joined.
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  9. The way I look at it is, if you wanna sleep around and mess around, be decent enough to tell the person you have a relationship the truth or better yet, don't be in a relationship at all if you are just looking for a "playdate".
  10. idgaf as long as I hear a text tone to make me feel special, i'll be down to be anyone's friend.
  11. Lemme get this straight. If I (for instance) texted you only when I needed you to do something for me, then you'd be happy to be my friend?
  12. :bodallas:
  13. Not that I know of. I'd rather you break up with me and fuck someone than just cheat on me. Have some fucking decency, you know?
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  14. Also going off topic a bit, what the fucks up with that fetish where people like seeing their girl fucked by other dudes. Wtf? Why would anyone remotely enjoy that?
  15. LOL, those are some weird ass people.
  16. I've had about 50 women total. I've cheated numerous times and been cheated on. I was in a cycle for about 5 years of not giving a shit and trying to sleep with as many women as possible. I fulfilled that lustful desire and I moved on, settled down. I am now married and working on my 3rd kid.

    I won't cheat on my wife and my head is in a different place now. I had my fun, now I've manned up
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  17. Over use of porn maybe but I know a female who got off watching her boyfriend screw around with other women while she watched... But I don't get it. Like to me, seeing who I am with so much as kiss someone else would drive me insane.
  18. You are honest at least. I have seen guys get married and have kids and think they can keep doing that kind of crap. When you find the right person, cheating isn't even thought upon. (or at least it shouldn't be)
  19. That doesn't make it okay. What the fuck is that mentality? You've cheated countless times, you probably made lots of girls go through trust issues, broke their heart and possibly go through depression. If you wanna fuck girls, don't get into a relationship with them. Simple.

    Just cause you've cleaned up now that you have kids doesn't take away that you were an asshole.
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