Hop is Back

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Oct 22, 2013.

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  1. This is dope as fuck. Hopsin >
  2. Holy hell,that was dope. I cannot wait for Knock Madness,it's probably the most I've looked forward to an album in a while.
  3. Lamar & Kanye got murdered. Damn, that was dope.
  4. Squashing jobbers and getting into a car with a girl? Not sure if Hopsin or Triple HHH... :hmm:

    Either way, pretty cool. Hope that Kendrick or Kanye will respond to this.
  5. I`m loving this song, it`s sick
  6. meh 4/10
  7. I don't think he particularly dissed Kendrick to be honest. He said the height thing but it basically meant that people are overreacting to Kendrick's "raising the bar in hip hop crap" (in like, two verses?) and that it's still not that hard to meet. He dissed the fuck out of Kanye though.
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  8. Here's a version without the intro if any of you want to download it:
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  9. Downloaded and added to my Spotify. Hell yes.
  10. Yea really, don't think that was really much of a diss to Kendrick at all hahah. Kanye on the other hand, well deserved. Liked it, Hopsin has always impressed me. Hope he's bigger in the near future.
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