Kayfabe Hope and Despair

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  1. *Chris Young is backstage about to be interviewed, He is in not in his ring gear, But instead he is wearing jeans ,Hi-Top Converses, A Killswitch Engage shirt and over that is an N7 leather jacket and a black hat with his logo on it.
    As the female interviewer come into shot the interview starts.*

    Interviewer: Now Chris, Tough few weeks for you and now you are facing a top star in Jack Rouge, What is your mindset?

    *Chris Looks around the set before sighing with his eyes to the ground.*

    Chris: I ask you this do you believe in hope If you do you also open yourself up to despair The Monarchy are hope and despair and so are The Blades and Jack Rouge.
    If one side turns to hope the other side will do the opposite and where I stand right now, I don’t know at this point, But my match with the great Jack Rouge will fill me with the hope that I’ll rise again and pick myself up and become the ultimate wrestler in Precision.

    Interviewer: Ok and what about the rumors about you taking a side?

    Chris: Like I said I will side with hope or fall into despair , Those are the sides I will take.
    When I step into the ring, I will not think about sides, But fill Jack’s mind with hope as he is defeated by me, And he starts to fall into despair.
    Losing to Victor last week I saw my past self i him and I’ve open my eyes to myself and my hope This passion inside me,is burning, is burning inside and I want to win this match so I can pick myself back up I will not be denied in this final hour.I will not be denied,this match is mine.
    Will you rise or become a slave to despair or a hero of hope.

    *Chris Takes the microphone and stares right into the camera and a crazy eye is very clear in Chris’ eyes.*

    Chris: Jack Rouge, I will break you and your neck and build you up.
    You Know, I fought all over the world and I owned Japan my matches with The Stormmaker will be talked about for years and now that I’m here I’m ready to do it again.
    Rouge Thinks he has a chance in hell at beating me, He better make damn sure that he brings his A-Game, No he needs to bring an S-Rank level game to our match to beat me.
    I’m The Amazing One and no man has outshined me in a match and no one ever will!
    My Your life after our match be filled with hope.

    *Chris drops the mic and walks off and the interviewer is left dumbfounded.*
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