Hopes for WWE in 2016?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Dec 14, 2015.

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  1. After all the disappointing things we have witnessed this year, from unexpected injuries, to poorly executed story-lines... What are you hoping improves and what are you hoping to see in the new year?
  2. Take some risks. Do something different. Be interesting.

    - Adolf Hitler, 1939
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  3. Is not every year as of late bad though according to you fanboys?
  4. That Samoa Joe vs John Cena feud.
    Two guys who trained together finally clashing in the big time.
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  5. Just the last two years felt stale and recycled to me.
  6. Fair do, just seems this is a yearly feeling from wwe fans on forums since I started to use wrestling forums in 2010.
  7. I think it comes in waves. When some are happy, others aren't. You can't please everyone I spose.
  8. True wwe have a large fan base,always having to please and in this day and age fans thoughts are more in the know because of forums like this
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  9. A lot of the issue is the boom of the media. It is hard for WWE is surprise any of us because someone always ruins (most of the time) their "secret" plans. I miss the shock and aww of it all.
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  10. For them to actually use the roster to half of it's potential.

    Okay, that's unrealistic. Honestly, a Lesnar title reign where he defends against guys like Orton, a big Cesaro push, a Bryan return and push, an IC title push and Cody vs Goldust would be nice.
  11. DB getting cleared.

    But above all, WWE pulling their heads out of their asses and writing compelling storylines.
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