Hornets win the NBA Draft Lottery

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Snowman, May 30, 2012.

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  1. The NBA Draft Lottery results, according to Wikipedia:

    1. New Orleans Hornets
    2. Charlotte Bobcats
    3. Washington Wizards
    4. Cleveland Cavaliers
    5. Sacramento Kings
    6. Portland Trail Blazers
    7. Golden State Warriors
    8. Toronto Raptors
    9. Detroit Pistons
    10. New Orleans Hornets (from the Brooklyn Nets)
    11. Portland Trail Blazers
    12. Milwaukee Bucks
    13. Phoenix Suns
    14. Houston Rockets

    Wiki trolls filled in Dick Butkus as the #1 pick.
    If there's anything you'd like to discuss, here you go.
  2. Warriors get to keep their pick. I'm hoping we get Lamb out of UCONN

    Glad Davis doesn't have to go to Charlotte; The NBA should retract that abortion of a franchise and ban MJ from ever running the personnel moves for any NBA team ever again.

    washington: drafts Kwame Brown #1 overall
    Charlotte: Assembles roster that has worst winning % for any team in history
  3. It was really weird looking at this Draft Lottery. "Yay, lets see how high the Clippers get to pick this year... oh, wait."

    From what I've heard from NBA "analysts", Jeremy Lamb isn't going to be a gamebreaking player. He may not be a scrub, but not the guy to get you out of the doldrums you're in.

    So you're a Warriors fan? Oh. God. So sorry you have to put up with that.
  4. Right now NBAdraft.net has Bradley Beal falling to us.. that would be beautiful


    Super Bowl
  5. Heard on ESPN and most other draft sites that Beal won't make it out of the top 3.
  6. http://nbadraft.net/

    Here's another site that has Beal falling to 7 http://hoopshype.com/draft.htm

    I could see it happening. Barnes seems like a top 3 lock, and Washington doesn't need a guard. MKG to Cleveland makes sense, and the last thing Sacramento needs is another guard. The only team ahead of us that might take him is Portland, they could go a lot of different directions with the 6 pick.

    well shit, this site thinks Barnes will fall to us at 7


    that would be absolutely ideal
  7. I bet Barnes falls to number 7. The first 4 picks are almost guaranteed to be davis, Kidd-gilchrist, beal, andre drummonds. After that it gets dicey. I think Barnes will fall to 7 and the warriors will take him. Curry-thompson-Barnes-lee-bogut will fight for home court advantage in the west if they all stay healthy.
  8. That's a nasty starting 5, especially 2 or 3 years down the line. Plus we have some nice role players with Wright, Rush, RJ, and Nate Rob. Just need some front line depth, which we could address with the Spurs 30th overall pick.
  9. Suns 13.? :annoyed:
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