Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM (only joking.. No spoiler)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Rysenberg, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Christ I don't even know where to begin. I might as well give it a go.

    So an entire year's worth of story turned out to be this. Not only is it painfully irritating and totally repulsive, it's also kinda erm... Illogical.

    1. Why the hell did Hornswoggle hate Bret Hart?

    2. Why the hell did Hornswoggle love Michael Cole for a while, yet randomly kick him yesterday?

    3. How the hell did Hornswoggle manage to be in segments on live shows, and sneak under the ring to use the computer without anyone noticing ?

    4. The one that gets me: How the hell did Hornswoggle manage to communicate with Cole if he couldn't speak English? Can Cole speak Leprecaun?

    I'm beginning to question my own intelligence just now. Maybe WWE are being the smart ones, maybe this all makes sense and we just can't figure it out?

    Either way, awesome story. Truly awesome.
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  2. Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM

    Maybe he was just the anon GM YESTERDAY AND NOT THE WHOLE TIME!


    also hope the title doesnt spoil anyone! >:O
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  3. Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM

    There's only a few possibility that I have in my mind.
    Hornswoggle wasn't the original anno. GM, maybe he used the gimmick to surprise people.
    There is more then one that uses the laptop
    Hornswoggle stole the laptop
  4. Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM

  5. RE: Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM

    I better add spoiler tags on the title to warn people.
  6. Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM

    Just put and the Anonymous GM is...... and the spoiler thing as well.
  7. RE: Hornswoggle is Anonymous GM

    I didn't realise that folk actually cared to be honest :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  8. The GOAT, IMO...
  9. To that last question, Hornswoggle did learn how to speak english for christmas :pity:
  10. Apparently he turned heel right? That explains it I guess.
  11. did he turn heel? i thought he was just being mischievous :haha:

    he kicked king, then bit santino on the bum lol :haha: then kicked cole.

  12. Hey, at least Vince remembered the storyline exists despite his senility.

  13. I actually lol'd at that segment.
  14. Same here haha that looks more entertaining than most of RAW.
  15. We're not supposed to use logic here guys. It's simple: they had no idea on who the GM should be this week, or decided to remind us of their brilliant Anonymous GM idea. OK, they're complete idiots, but I think they noticed that the idea was completely discontinued and ignored when HHH took over, so they tought, hey, while he's running the show tonight, let's reveal who he is just so we can say we did! Of course, Hornswoggle was never supposed to be the GM when he ran the shows. They never planned to pay off that angle last night. They just used the GM and had to take a comedy exit to the whole thing because nothing could be serious and it couldn't be a relevant person or anything. That's it.
  16. Honestly it was poor.

    But I did get a chuckle out of Swoggle biting ppl's bums!
  17. Fuck me what is this shit??? Hornswoggle annoymous gm
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