Horrible Dentist Experiences?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Xanth, Jan 31, 2013.

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  1. Well, I was supposed to be getting a tooth removed on Tuesday but I couldn't deal with the pain as it was infected pretty badly(Insert joke about how bad British people's teeth are). So I got some antibiotics and went back into the dentist today.

    Went in, got numbed and then the dentist wiggled my tooth around a little and then basically just twisted then yanked it out. Wasn't that sore then, but the amount of blood that was all over me was pretty horrible to look at. I felt fine at the time, then it started getting sore.

    Now, I'm sitting here in ridiculous amounts of pain trying not to cry(Insert gay joke here) because it's so bloody sore. I'm not allowed to rinse my mouth or even have a drink for 4 hours which is also a pain in the ass.

    That's my worst ever experience at the dentist, what's yours?
  2. You have bad teeth and you're gay.

    Dentist has always been fine, it's not hard to look after your teeth so I hardly ever visit them. Haven't been in around 2 years.
  3. The rest of my teeth are fine :emoji_slight_frown: Stop being mean to me, I'm proud of my sexuality.

    You should go lol, you're supposed to go every 6 months for a checkup :sad:
  4. Lol fuck that, I know my teeth are fine :emoji_slight_smile:.
  5. I was 9 and had one tooth coming in over a baby tooth. So I had to go in to get the baby tooth removed so the new one would come in straight.

    Went in the chair, he asked me, "Do you want the spray or the needle?" Being 9, I said spray of course. He said, "No, no, the needle will be quicker, and hurt less." Trusting him for some reason, I agreed.

    He fills the needle and goes about sticking the needle into my gums, however, it glanced off of my gums and went through my lip. He says, "oops" quickly removes it and puts it in my gums before my parents notice.

    He then removes the tooth and sends me on my way. What I didnt notice was that my lip was now swollen as well as numb. On the car ride home, I look over at my dad, he looks back at me with shock. "What happened, you're bleeding everywhere!" I had bitten right through my lip and had bled all over my shirt.

    Fucking dentist!
  6. I like my dentist because she's pretty attractive and when she leans over the top of me her boobs rest on my head lol. That's the only good part.

    That's pretty horrible that you bit through your lip lmao. On Tuesday when I first went, I had so much anaesthetic that I was feeling a bit dizzy. I then bit my tongue and I still have a tiny chunk of it missing and it hurts like hell if I eat anything with the slightest amount of salt in it.

    I don't like the waiting room in the dentist, people always seem to want to talk to you and ask you questions and stuff. I hate that.
  7. Really? It's the opposite here, if you even look at them the wrong way they'll attack you. But that was two years ago, it might be really civil now.
  8. Some woman asked me today if I was scared lmao. Of course I'm gonna be bloody scared getting a tooth removed. Then there was the awkward silence for about 5 minutes until I was called into the room of doom. (Rhyming boss over here)
  9. That's why cell phones are great, throw on earphones and play on your phone, usually people leave you alone.
  10. I've never had a bad experience with dentists. I get mine checked every 18 months or so. My dad once went to get a tooth pulled. He got numbed and they janked it out. Then when the anesthetics died down he realized they had pulled a tooth on the wrong side of his mouth. :dawg:
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  11. That must have been the most annoying thing ever lmao, did he go back and get the one he was meant to get removed out?

    I didn't have my phone with me, had left it in the car. :neymar2:
  12. Yeah he got a new appointment the next day and got the correct one pulled. Good thing was both teeth were wisdom teeth so it doesn't look that odd on him. He laughs at it now.
  13. I never want to go to the dentist ever again. Unfortunately I have a checkup but that's in 6 months.
  14. Please.....don't....make....it..so...easy

    Resisting the urge to make a stereotype joke.
  15. Go, make a joke.
  16. I can't do it, you're too damn nice :willis:
  17. My dentist's assistants are always hot as fuck. I have to hide my boner and try not to be obvious when I'm checking them out. Shit's rough.
  18. I was supposed to get a tooth taken out. I got called in to get injected to numb the tooth, once he had done that he tried yanking it out breaking half of my tooth off while not realizing that it didn't numb down which meant it caused me so much pain. The dentist recommended I get referred to the hospital instead so they can take it out for me while me going to sleep. It was successful and they managed to remove it for me with no additional pain.
  19. .... This is basically my story lol. My tooth cracked in half when she tried to pull it out the first time. She then said if she couldn't get it out the next time I'd be getting recommended for sedation.
  20. I don't tend to visit dentists or go to them anymore due to the amount of pain that's caused unnecessarily. I need to get my teeth filled though as they're slowly decaying from the top due to the amount of fizzy drinks I consume, etc.
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