Horrible Faul From Last Night

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    Damn how is this not red card! Not even yellow! He was fainted after the faul and he went out on a stretcher, thank god he has nothing, his down lip has busted open, blood comes from there.

    I don't support Fenerbahce but I supported them as they are a team of my nation. I was really sad and pissed off when this has happened because this guy is a great gentleman. He gives his jacket to kids in ceremony, just to make sure they don't get cold. Also he helps poor people.
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    That must hurt... I miss Roberto Carlos in FEN tbh.
  3. He was in Besiktas.
  4. To be honest, I don't see it as a red card. Yes it was dangerous, and perhaps in the rule book you can get him sent off, but he had no idea a defender was there. His eyes were totally on the ball, and had no malice or intention in mind. If there is no intent, and it's a genuine accident, then you would be sending him off for trying to score a goal as a striker. People often forget that football is a contact sport, and people WILL get hurt sometimes. The victim was just unlucky.
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  5. Uuuups it's true, I wanted to say Roberto Carlos, sorry
  6. Yes but the life of player was in threat there. If Gokhan didn't have luck with him he could have big injury.
  7. Just part of the game. If that player scored, and didn't hit anyone with his foot, would a foul have been called? Would play have stopped? Nope. It's only considered a foul because a player came out of no where and took a boot to the face, but there was no intent from the striker from what I can see. The striker had no idea he was there.
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