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    I came up with a poll the other day which was who is better tag team Power and Glory or The Bushwackers. To my dismay a few people had no idea who were those teams were. I understand you may be youngsters, but in my opinion you gotta respect all generations of wrestling. Go back and watch some of the old PPV's from the late 80's and early 90's. True the matches may not have been as exciting as today's brand, but they make up for it in the halarity factor. They have most of the Royal Rumbles on Youtube. Please check them out.
  2. Both teams are irrelevant. Thus no one votes.
  3. I don't care about the voting. It's the fact that people said they had no idea who those teams were. However, both teams were very relevant if you were watching wrestling at that time. The Bushwackers were a huge fan favorite and Power and Glory, although short lived, were great heels with an awesome manager. How old are you?
  4. I'm 22.
  5. My point exactly you about 2 years old when these guys were getting it done. While I was 10 at that time. Check some of those early PPV's man.
  6. Got no interest in it :pipebomb:
  7. Why would people be required to watch older PPV's for wrestlers they don't know? I understand if you WANT to, but it's no way a "need". I wouldn't go back and watch the really old ones at all.
  8. This. I could understand if it revolved around some sort of business changing event but neither team were involved in something like that. They were two tag teams who were active during a downperiod in pro wrestling. Their generation are for the most part inactive now a days as well. There is no reason for me to look them up since you would be hard stretched to find any sort of relevancy for them in today's wrestling product, be it American, Mexican, European or Japanese.
  9. Watch Royal Rumble 1992 brother. More than half of the wrestlers in it are Hall of Famers and the rest are legends. Just do it....It's only a little over an hour. Heenan on the mic.




    Slow down speedy....I am telling you to watch the 1992 Rumble now. So pump your breaks. My point was to watch old PPV's. Not watch them for Power and Glory. If you do not know any of these guys who were in this you are an idiot.

    The British Bulldog
    Ted DiBiase
    Ric Flair
    Shawn Michaels
    Tito Santana
    The Texas Tornado
    Greg Valentine
    Nikolai Volkoff
    Roddy Piper
    Jake Roberts
    Jim Duggan
    Jimmy Snuka
    The Undertaker
    Randy Savage
    Col. Mustafa
    Rick Martel
    Hulk Hogan
    Sgt. Slaughter


    You can't just disregard this time peroid of wrestling. You could argue that this was the best rumble of all time talent wise.
  10. I've been watching wrestling since 96', so i really started somewhere just before the attitude era. That's my era and you have yours. I don't feel like watching that era because it's too similar to the era of today, just lame. I know who most of those guys are and I have seen their matches. On the other hand I will debunk #Crayluminati & say that there are some essential matches that really set the bar for this generation, that are worth watching if one is to really a true smark, but he's right, there is no need. I don't agree with you calling people idiots because they don't know superstars from an era they weren't even alive to see.

    There are plenty of good old school WWE dvd's on netflix. I recommend Steamboat's, well worth the watch.
  11. I'll have to agree that was the best rumble of all time lol. :smug:
  12. Idiot!!! I wasnt alive during the 70's, but I know a lot of wrestlers. If you dont know the Bushwackers you are an idiot.
  13. The Highlanders > both those shitty teams.
  14. Come on dude, that's one step too far lol.
  15. I'm a college student who currently hold a 3.7 GPA. Wrestling is just an interest in. Yeah, I'm not going to know everything, but that does not make me an idiot, it makes me ignorant, just as everyone else in the world because no one man knows everything. Now I tried seeing things from your point of view, but if you call me or any other of this forum an idiot I am going to report you.
  16. Don't lie, they had IT. They were the next big thing in wrestling but WWE's racist views towards the Scottish stopped them from achieving what they should have achieved.

  17. OMG yea good look with that. I was on the other side of racist comments and nothing was done about that. So power to ya.
  18. I'm pretty sure they're Canadian dude, sorry.
  19. Marty, enough with the personal attacks and the boasting of your wrestling knowledge compared to other members. It's unnecessary. In fact this thread is - closed.
  20. Not sure how that works.
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