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  1. Someone posted about watching Megan is Missing and it reminded me we don't have a horror film thread. Now I like all types of horror, Japanese, Gorefests, Psychological, Slasher, etc...

    Just thought we could have a thread where we post horror films we have seen good, bad or indifferent.


    Now this is one of my all time favourite films. The plot being in the future in Japan the youths are running wild stabbing teachers and not caring and basically having no respect for authority. But this is widespread and obviously a danger for the Japanese government. To combat the government pass the Battle Royale law. Basically a class is chosen at random each year to fight to the death on an island.

    Why its awesome despite the plot described badly by me. But despite the plot not being much new nowadays this film is fantastic. Blood and gore, hilarious deaths, a bit of romance and great well rounded out characters who you actually care for.

    Defo recommend ppl watch if you can cope with subtitles its a cult classic and the amount of ppl who know about and love this film grows on a yearly basis.

    Bit of a naf review I know but hope it gives you an idea.

    Anyways horror thread get your films in here.

    This is one of my faves as well. Directed by Frank Darabont of Green Mile and Shawshank fame.

    Its a pretty basic premise based on the Stephen King short of the same name. Mist appears in a sleepy town in Maine. In the mist can be heard screams and strange noises causing the townsfolk to panic. They hole up in a supermarket where the fun begins.

    Although a monster movie, the central theme explores what ordinary people will be driven to do under extraordinary circumstances.

    Great film don't wanna give too much away. If you can forgive average CGI and like decent films especially ones with crazy religious ppl this is for you.

    Also has one of the greatest endings in a film ever.
  3. i really wanna watch battle royale but i can't be doing with the subs
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    Cloud the random tag links in your first post make you look like a spam-bot.

    Have you tried to watch it or did the idea of subs just put you off from the start? It's one of those films where a dub wouldn't really do it justice.

    While we're on the topic of Japanese films, I'll just leave 'Funky forest - The first contact' here. It's not a horror, but I'm sure if you watched it on LSD you'd freak the shit out.
    As for horror films, I think I've watched far too many bad horror films that they've all just jumbled together in my mind.
  5. The Devil Rides Out
    Innocents From Hell
    The Omen
  6. Pycho
    anything Bruce Campbell
    Cannibal Holocaust
    The Shining
    The Tenant
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  7. I've tried a few times to watch it but i just couldn't do it :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Learn Japanese :emoji_grin:
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  9. Not a film, but a TV show, anyone ever watch American Horror Story? The writing and acting in season 2 is fucking great.
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  15. Today I watched


    This is one of the all time great British horror films. Good cast, good storyline, well filmed, nicely paced and fairly gory for any gorehounds out there.

    Not gonna give much away about the film its self except its a cave climbing expedition that goes horribly wrong. Its claustrophobic, its tense and it builds nicely as the film progresses and has a few jumpy moments for those not all about gore.
  16. I am a fan of the older horror flicks, not so much the new ones. Aside from the ones everyone knows, I can't think of any off the top of my head atm. I will look into watching a few listed above though.
  17. Horror films don't tend to scare me at all anymore. They just try to make you squirmish and the plot usually sucks. I don't think I've seen a movie to this day that actually scared me. Gruesome, yes. Not scary doe.
  18. V/H/S was pretty sweet IMO
    That may just be because I am an absolute DIEHARD fan of that style of filming (replicates the realistic effects of the older shittier camera for the creme de la creme of the older horror movies)

    ^However this is my general opinion as well.
  19. Battle Royale was awesome, the 2nd one not so much. V/H/S 1 was awesome, two was alright. I don't watch enough horror movies anymore, mostly due to my buddy and his gf loving the worst movies they could find, so when they would suggest a movie i would laugh and forget whatever they suggested.

    I still need to crack the conjuring. The last exorcism was okay, I have the 2nd one to watch but was an idiot and read reviews before seeing it. oh well.
  20. Indeed V/H/S 1 was awesome,
    Totally underrated IMO
    Sinister was pretty wicked too to be honest, the Purge was meh. (a couple of newer horror flicks).
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