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  1. Did you know the way horses were created, they can be completely controlled by a small child?

    Its really weird. Alls you have to do is control its head. A horse uses its head completely to function which is why, when riding a horse, if you turn the reins to the left or right the horse HAS to turn that direction and eventually comes to a complete stop. As well as that, if you have a horse laying on the ground, if you put your foot on its head, he can't get up. Horses use their heads to get off the ground by throwing their head up to follow their body. Really, if you know how to control the head of a horse, you can ride even the wildest horse.

    I just thought this was kinda cool to share.
  2. Fun fact: There is a semi political movement in Sweden claiming that horses doesn't exist, and if it despite such claims does exist, it is a fruit.

    It was started as a joke on facebook and has now grown so big that news media is noticing it.
  3. :shock: Whaaaaaaaat!? :haha:
  4. I hate horses.
  5. How dare you! :gtfo:
  6. It was a facebook joke that's grown out of bounds and now the people maintaining it are seeing how far they can push it
  7. Not a big fan of horses either. Haven't been on one since I was like 4
  8. Oh wow. Facebook... What will they do next. lol I heard of something else they rumored, someone's death or something and people kept it going so far, everyone believe it to be true. I don't use facebook, only Twitter but they do crap like this there too. Its amazing how many people join together for a prank. :haha:
  9. I never liked horses either. Then again, I like very few animals outside of cats.
  10. Just big donkeys imo.
  11. Cats are :boss1:

    I love all animals. I just don't like bugs. :eww:... Bugs.
  12. Fuck bugs. :finger:.
  13. :yes:
  14. Puppies > all


  15. :no:

    Kittens > All

  16. :annoyed:
  17. Puppies smell like poop and poo in the house! :angry:
  18. Cat poop smells worse than dog poop :pity:
  19. :haha: :lol1: NOOOO!!!!! Dog poop smells like WORSE! :angry:
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