Spoiler hot off the press, D'Z breaks down the RR happenings

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  2. Dude, thinking back, Reigns spear to Ziggler was brutal.
  3. the gif will be in my sig as soon as i find one
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  4. I thought I was reading a Klock post :obama:
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  5. Except people pay me to write novels about wrestling :dawg:
  6. If the build was right I think Batista and Lesnar would be a really good feud and match. Even if they wanted to boo, it isn't Cena and Orton trading tired finishers, Brock's presence and domination will force the crowd to give a damn.
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  7. Silly me for stacking cheddar while talking about a wrestling show I would have watched anyone. What a geek
  8. Really well written man.
  9. I'll say this, it's better than Orton vs Batista.
  10. Anything not involving Orton is better than something involving Orton
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  11. Dont sass me
  12. Totally agree.
  13. Surprised D'Z didn't mention anything about marking out over Kevin Nash. I personally marked for his appearance with the NWO theme. Too bad he didn't jackknife someone, though.
  14. Great breakdown. Very insightful and professional, although I miss that over-the-top hate-mark style of some of your other reviews, lol.
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  15. I marked my ass off but there was nowhere to fit him in with the theme of this article
  16. I've started to mix then in a little bit with my normal reviews now, but I was feeling pretty cereal about WWE last night and wrote something legit up fo some reason lol :robbie:
  17. Seeing that spear and the sell >>>>>>
  18. Nice you give Cesaro a mention as well, thought he was another highlight of the rumble for me as well, loving his crazy ass spin in the middle of the ring, he kinda got overshadowed by the god like skills of Reigns but still another star who had a good rumble match
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