No Mercy Hot-potatoes!

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Aug 29, 2017.

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  1. So if you didn't watch Raw last night, this would obviously be a spoiler so you may want to stop reading right about HERE.

    With that being said, we now have a bit of an issue that has happened before (and ironically enough it is involving one of the same women). Remember that feud between Charlotte and Sasha anyone? They played hot-potato with the belt...

    Well, it seems to be happening again. 8 days after winning the title, Sasha dropped it to Alexa Bliss. Now for me, I don't care I am not and never was a fan of Sasha (and I prefer Bliss) BUT this just seems like grade A baloney booking. That aside...

    We have a new Champ and rumor has it, the No Mercy match for the belt will be Bliss vs Sasha vs Nia. This hasn't been set in stone yet, still a rumor.

    What are your thoughts on this? Will Bliss be the champ going into No Mercy? Who will said champ be facing? Find out next time, on Dragon Ball Z... Wait a minute...
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  2. I feel like we're being trolled right now, WWE has just started making better decisions especially with changing a lot of the titles. We don't really understand or know the logic in some of these choices but at least there's change instead of someone just holding on to a title with little too none challenge or struggle, speaking on titles in general. I know there a few title holders who we don't personally like so with that said, I don't undersand where this logic with the Raw Women's title goes. The best idea at this point would be do a few more "hot-potato"-ing between Sasha and Alexa and THEN when everybody is unaware having Nia come and jack the title, keep it out the hands of Sasha and Alexa and anyone else. This is how I feel.
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  3. LOL, so glad I stopped watching RAW and SD.
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  4. It's hot potato season.
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  5. Is it just me or did that last move by Bliss on Sasha almost get botched? She looked like she almost fell on her head.
  6. I'm just wondering how after all this time, so many injuries and so little benefit for anything involved, they're still pushing Nia Jax...

    I usually don't wanna see NXT callups but.......Yeah no, keep them off this show. Poor Sasha. Four title reigns and zero title defenses. Why
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  7. I'm not glad. I miss your rate threads, Fox's rate threads suck. :emoji_slight_frown:
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  8. Because...

    a). Unless you're white and blonde the WWE won't push you properly...

    b). Sasha has backstage heat...

    The WWE only had Sasha win the belt at SummerSlam to counter
    the negative reaction to Nakamura not winning the WWE title.

    d). The writers are simply continuing the Charlotte vs. Sasha story only
    with Alexa in place of the RAW women's division is still a
    stagnant pool of the same repetitive shit with the likes of Emma & Mickie
    James doing nothing of note instead of wrestling Sasha in what could be
    excellent and technically sound matches.

    e). Alexa is seen as more marketable and is now on Total is Nia...

    f). The WWE has no fucking clue how to book babyface characters anymore.
    (See the booking of Bayley for the prime example of this)

    g). Someone "backstage" is using Alexa to take down the 4 Horsewomen as
    a "fuck you" to Triple H...with Becky, Bayley & now Sasha all dropping titles
    to her since her main roster debut...and don't be surprised if Alexa pins a
    now face Charlotte at Survivor Series this year.

    A through G combined.
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  9. Well now this isn't true. Melina had a decent run as did AJ Lee. Both not blonde or white.

    To be honest, it is likely down to personal heat with other people back stage and issues with her character in general. Turn her heel and she would be A LOT better. I find her boring. I have since she debuted. Nothing against her as a person. Her character is just lame as a face and I have yet to see her as a heel.
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  10. *tried to reply but just gets sidetracked into a separate rant, so just stops, realizes it isn't worth it, and watches another wrestling promotion*
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  11. Move over Frosty! Japan has got itself a new Snowman!
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    I can't say I blame you Snowman...

    And a fair call...but...if we go back and look at the booking of the women's
    division champions since say...Charlotte won the Divas title from Nikki Bella at
    Night of Champions in 2015...

    Charlotte: 442 days as a Champion (1 Divas Reign, 4 RAW Reigns)
    Her initial Divas/Women's title run also included her historic 16 straight pay per view
    victories with many successful dirty & clean title defenses.

    Alexa Bliss: 224 days as (and current) Champion (2 SmackDown Reigns, 2 RAW Reigns) ~ Total Divas

    Many of her wins have been "heel" victories and her initial title was won in a tables
    match. She was still booked fairly weak until crossing to RAW and destroying Bayley.

    Naomi: 149 days as Champion (2 SmackDown Reign) ~ Total Divas
    I mean she held the belt for a good time...but only successfully defended it against
    Alexa once (who ended up on RAW the week after anyway) and Lana 3 times. She
    also failed to defend the title at Backlash & Battleground this year. Pretty sad really.

    Becky Lynch: 85 days as Champion (1 SmackDown Reign)
    Was terribly booked looking pathetically weak against Alexa, missed the No Mercy
    pay per view and didn't have one clean title defense before loosing in a tables match
    and then being "fucked over" by Alexa & Mickie James in every rematch they had.

    Sasha Banks: 84 days as Champion (4 RAW Reigns)
    Apparently her initial reign was ended at SummerSlam because of a back injury...but
    then it became a game of hot potato as Charlotte lost on RAW while Sasha lost on
    pay per view. Sasha finally got a shot at Alexa only for her to run away the first time
    and would not have been given her second chance if Bayley wasn't injured. She
    wins the title again...only to again drop it back in her first defense.

    Its not funny, its not a compelling story and its not setting up anything important.

    All this booking does is makes Sasha look like a fucking loser...and speaking of losers...

    Bayley: 76 days as Champion (1 RAW Reign)
    Possibly the weakest face champion of all time. Won the title with Sasha's help...
    defended it and broke Charlotte PPV streak with Sasha's smacked
    around by Nia nearly every second week and even tapped out to Sasha on RAW.
    Successfully defended her title at Wrestlemania...but only pinned one of the other
    3 women in the match.

    Natalya: 9 days as (and current) Champion (1 SmackDown Reign) ~ Total Divas
    One can only imagine how well Nattie will do with Carmella lurking around every
    corner...but she is blonde and white...and has nice she might get a 300
    day reign.

    But then Carmella is also white, blonde and Nattie may-be on
    borrowed time.

    Numbers and statistics don't lie...and clearly my "Race & Hair Color" Theory
    does hold some water at this very moment in time.
  13. Well if you are talking specifically about the so called "women's revolution" then obviously yeah, it has been mostly crap. Crap for the champions and crap for the women facing the champions. I felt that when Charlotte was first holding the title, it felt important and great but as time went on that was ruined. Even though it seems they cared a lot less about skills back in 2010 and before, they clearly cared more about booking than they do now. Seems like the so called revolution is nothing but a joke and in order to mean anything to them (the WWE) you have to be on that horrific reality show that holds no value OR marry John Cena.

    So yes, as for the last 2 years, you are right (blonde/white) but beyond that - it was not an issue and I find myself wondering why now.
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  14. Validation...Thank you is cat gif...


    Yeah...cause at least the WWE can book and write heels
    properly...mainly because its easier to be a prick than to
    actually be a "nice" person.
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  15. I just hope when Asuka comes up, they don't ruin her too. :asuka:
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    And I worry about Asuka...because instead of getting a Sasha vs. Asuka title match straight
    out of the gate...the "creative team" will most likely want Alexa to be the first one to pin Asuka
    and therefore making her look even stronger/better than she already does.

    I can't believe the WWE has made me despise Alexa Bliss...and its not because she's a heel...
    but because I'm sick of her being booked so strongly.

    I'm all for pushing new talent...but enough is enough for the time being.
  17. The booking hasn't made sense in many many months and if Asuka lays down for Bliss, that will be my final straw with the women's division.
    I will go back to considering them to be nothing more than a bathroom break. It is bad enough I hardly watch as it is on top of this. They are ruining the women and struggling to keep the men above water. It seems like because they have no real threat, there is not reason to try. Half the time I feel like they put together and entire RAW show 20 minutes before it goes live.
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  18. I don't even know what the difference is between Raw Alexa and Smackdown Alexa. Like, I still felt like Alexa was missing something on SD, but booking-wise I felt they did an unbelievable job in giving her finishes that made her feel crafty and make it feel like even in 2017 I left the match like BOO ALEXA YOU BASTARD instead of BOO WWE YOU CAN'T BOOK ANYONE.

    My biggest gripe is more with the depth of the divisions. All this talk of backstage heat, but my personal feelings aside I am so. Tired. Of watching WWE sabotage people so much. Like if you don't have plans for Emma and Mickie James... As much as Grievous hates it at the time, leave them off the show. There's no reason to send them out to look incompetent over and over because you wind up with a situation like this one where you have to find some circle of the same three girls to do feuds with. You make Lana look like a complete dumbass in the ring and all it does is make us not care about her as Rusev's mouthpiece - or Tamina's.

    There's the usual complaint of Becky not being more upset about Carmella, or Charlotte not fighting off The Weather Channel 3-on-1 to make her look great... It felt like that was such an obvious thing to push forward with on NXT, but again. 2017 Smackdown is the worst
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  19. There is no depth in the division...but even if there was...

    I do hate it when they are left off the show...but the real problem
    is the fact the WWE has no concrete plans for Emma, Mickie, Dana
    or Foxy. Summer Rae can't even get on TV because the rumor is
    "We don't have anything for you at this time" which is fine...but it
    wouldn't take a high IQ to actually do something creative with
    either division. here is just an example...

    First off...cut the shit and pair Emma & Dana back together...Dana
    doesn't work as a face and her and Emma make a great team. pair Emma & Dana together as heels, you leave Nia
    and Alexa as heels and have Sasha, Mickie and Summer Rae
    as faces.

    Then when Bayley is either leave her as a face or
    turn her heel...and if Paige ever actually does return...that can
    only help at this point.

    Sasha Banks
    Mickie James
    Summer Rae
    Bayley (?)
    Paige (?)

    Alexa Bliss
    Dana Brooke
    Nia Jax
    Alicia Fox

    You have Alexa actually form a faction with Emma & Dana (and
    give them a cool name...the Hollywood Blondes?) with the idea
    that it will her Alexa safe from both Nia & Sasha.

    Summer Rae & Sasha Banks can have their NXT history
    together used as a reason for them being allies on the main
    roster while Nia actually starts a streak defeating everyone bar
    the champion in a 2 month period.

    Then when the alliances are made and the pieces are all in place...
    you bring in Asuka and have her start kicking everyone one in the

    Asuka goes directly for the champion...but...she is defeated for the
    first time by either Alexa or Sasha...because Bayley turns heel and
    gets revenge on Asuka for the humiliation she suffered in NXT...
    something she has never truly gotten over...even with being the
    RAW Champion and her Wrestlemania dream coming true.

    I mean...that would work right?

    The writers could do that...I mean RAW is 3 hours why
    not develop the women as characters and try to tell more than
    one story?
  20. LOL, you two are still feuding over whose rate threads are better?

    And tbh, I haven't created a rate thread in a long time.
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