Hot problems - worst song ever?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Rysenberg, Apr 23, 2012.

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  1. Seriously this is painfully bad. Rebecca Black could ALMOST sing at least, these two are utter gash.

    Here's Brock's dub of it which is amusing as always, just to cheer everyone up after listening to the pish that's above this^.
  2. Yes that is most likely the worst song ever.
  3. It was obviously made to be shit to become viral. They'd be making a lot of dosh from it, or soon will be. Same with the Rebecca Black video.
  4. Just listened to this now, will probably close this site now and commit suicide. Peace.
  5. Damn this is bad. Lmao at the Brock's dub version. Seriously, what kind of producer wants to bring this out?

    Back to listening to Nickelodeon stars, 10000 times bettah.. :baws:
  6. It's made to be bad man. It gets idiotic youtubers posting on it, which in turn makes the video viral, which can get them lots of money through adds and stuff. It's smart marketing.
  7. If its that easy to get rich we should all make a Wweforums rap.
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  8. You're a genius.

    With Savage and MikeDawt writing the lyrics, we'd make millions.

  9. Get to work gentlemen:pity:
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