Forum Game Hot Seat Thread #13: NanoRah14

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. The next member participating in the hot seat thread is NanoRah14

    For 24 hours, no topic and question is off limits. You can ask as many questions as you'd like. Enjoy!
  2. Spit or swallow? :ksi:
  4. Boooooooooo!
  5. Boo for you, I won't swallow your semen!
  6. Who wears short shorts?
  7. WHo is better Curt or Curtis?
  10. I was talking Curtis Axel Vs Curt Hennig
  11. How long have you been with your girlfriend? Can you see yourself marrying her one day?
    Who is your favorite current WWE superstar and diva on the roster, and why?
    What do you like so much about Jeff Hardy?
    If you could change three WWE superstars and their current gimmick, which would you change and what would you change it to?
    What do you like best about WWEF?
    Which member of WWEF makes you fap the most?
  12. Senhor Perfect should answer this question, anyway I think Curt (Mr Perfect) is better than Curtis since I haven't seen too much about Curtis, maybe it's a three month good performer and that's it, who knows..
  13. Top 5 CMLL matches?
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  15. I enjoyed the Rudos vs Tecnicos match in 2012, also the hair vs hair match involving Black Warrior and Rey escorpion. I don't really have a top 5, I just enjoy the matches tbh
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