Forum Game Hot Seat Thread #15: Jedi Master Farooq

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. The next hot seat thread is finally here! The next member in the hot seat is Jedi Master Farooq

    Here is a review of the rules: for 24 hours, you can ask Farooq as many questions as you'd like and no topic is off-limits. Farooq is required to answer every single question.
  2. If you were a My Little Pony character, who would you be and why?

    Does the carpet FRO match the drapes FRO?
  3. What is your favorite drink?
  4. What are your top five favorite video games?
    What's your favorite food?
    What do you like best about being in the IWT?
  5. Where can I buy that bra you had on? It was quite nice.
  6. If you had to go out with either Xanth or Gohan who would you choose?
    What would you do if you had a hairline like Lebron?
    What Football team do you support?
  7. Pinkie Pie, because just like her, the fourth wall is but a carpet that I walk on daily.

  8. Baja Blast freeze with Baja Blast Soda. Stays cold with the same flavor so it doesn't get watered down at all.
  9. 4/10 for those answers
  10. Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
    Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Star Fox 64
    Halo 3
    Legend of Zelda

    Burritos(authentic Mexican burritos, not what we sale at Taco Bell)

    I roleplayed a lot before, and haven't had the time to do it on other sites much more. It's much more convenient here since the community are people I already know, they aren't assholes, it's a simple setup, we have tons of great characters, and it's all on the same site I'm on the most anyway, so I can post topics here and not miss a post in the IWT.
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  11. Walmart, also comes with a black thong :true:
  12. Gohan, I can see him trying to get someone random in a headlock and put it as my cover photo on Facebook.

    Kill myself

    New Orleans Saints :yes:
  13. Bret Hart is old. like you :pipebomb:
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  14. Which WWE Superstar interested you in wrestling and why?
    Who is your favorite WWE Superstar and Diva on the current roster and why?
    What genres of music do you listen to the most?
    Do you play any musical instruments?
  15. At first Stone Cold, just for the fact that he would cuss everyone out and stunner everyone.

    Daniel Bryan because his in ring work is amazing, to me he is the best in ring in all of WWE. His mic skills has improved heavily, and I've enjoyed all his characters. Diva is Natalya, just because I love her in ring work out of any diva. Her mic skills need work, but I can pass that for a great Divas match.

    All genres

    Guitar, and Ocarina.
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  16. I can't even descrbe how goddamn happy you just made me. :yay:
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  17. Legend of Zelda>>>>Life
    I was even a mod for a Zelda site before coming here :hmm:
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  18. You have all my respect you beautiful, beautiful man.

    I really liked Windwaker also, it was just a fun game. Ocarina of Time is probably my favorite though.
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  19. Wind Waker was amazing. The vast amount of islands, the length of the game, and the animation for it was unique since at the time none of the Zelda games had it. Not to mention the storyline was boss since it was continuing off of Ocarina of Time. It amazes me that people actually hate this game just for the graphics.
  20. I look better in pink though.
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