Forum Game Hot Seat Thread #17: KLockard23

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Jun 29, 2013.

  1. Today is the day for another installment of the hot seat threads. The member in the hot seat this time around is KLockard23. For 24 hours, you can ask him as many questions you would like and he is required to answer every single question. No topic is off-limits so have fun!
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  2. Is it true that you believe that Meltzer is accurate with his numbers?
  3. Senhor Perfect - Oh, behave, baby... :ksi:

    TheOvalHead - At least most of the time, yes. It's been proven in the past. I also believe that Meltzer isn't nearly as bad as people make him out to be. If he was, people wouldn't post his reports so often on here.
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  4. Was dat a$$ really the only reason you came back to The Shield?
    Who is your favorite Superstar and Diva on the current WWE roster, and why?
    What state in the United States haven't you been to that you'd like to visit one day?
    What do you like best about WWEF?
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  5. Why are you so awesome?
  6. 1. Not the only reason, but clearly the #1 driving force behind it. Meow.
    2. CM Punk, Randy Orton, The Shield, maybe Daniel Bryan. Brock Lesnar and Undertaker if you count part-timers. I don't particularly care for the Divas much, but I do like AJ, so her.
    3. No idea. I'm more interested in visiting other countries in Europe (like Italy, Germany, France, etc.) and other continents than traveling across the US of A.
    4. The ability to talk about pro wrestling, which I will have been watching 17 years as of this Fall. (Not all non-stop though, I took a break from 2006-2010 but I've mostly caught myself up on all the major things in that regard.) I have an almost encyclopedia-like knowledge of WWF/E (and not too bad in regards to WCW and the main NWA promotions from the past either) that I don't get to show off much, though.

    Just because I am. :boss:
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  7. Have you ever been a mod on a forum?
    What's your favorite food?
    What do you like to do in your free time (your hobbies, etc.)?
    When are you going to be getting a cat?
    Would you ever consider joining an e-fed? If you did, what would your character be like?
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    1. No. I came close to being one on Wreslting News World back in the day but Richard Gray and Ryan Clark ruined the forum before it could happen.
    2. Hard to pick. Hot dogs, chili, pepperoni pizza? It really depends on what brand of pizza I'm buying from the store, though. Let's just say Pizza Hut and make it simple.
    3. Watch movies, watch wrestling, listen to music, playing video games, surfing the internet, walking outside doing a whole lotta nothing, etc. Those are pretty much my principal hobbies.
    4. Hopefully by late 2013 or early 2014. For some reason, I want to move first and I'm feeling that'll be in less than a year. I'ms till deciding on the eventual name of my cat but my hand picked name at the moment is either Mr. Cat or Ms. Cat (depending on it's gender.)
    5. I've have thoughts of joining IWT or FNW or whichever but I've decided against it so far. I already have a possible idea on a character should I decide to though, but it's not a fully developed one.
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  9. You forgot to answer one question bro.

    And this is mine: Would you like to see MVP in WWE again?
  10. Edited my previous post. Missed the question by accident.

    Actually, yeah, I wouldn't mind MVP back in WWE. He was a pretty good talent and nothing wrong with adding another name and body to the mid card roster. He had a good theme too ('I'm Comin.'), though they'd probably give him a new one since he'd be a returning superstar and all. (Having a new theme goes along with having a fresh run, you see.) Have him come back and feud with Ambrose over the US Title, even though I prefer MVP as a heel.
  11. If you could change the character development of three current WWE Superstars, which three would you choose and what would you do differently?
    What kind of music do you like to listen to?
    What are your top five favorite TV shows?
    Who are your top five favorite members on WWEF?
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  12. Ok. Doesn't matter.

    I loved his theme and he can be a great midcarder, I'd prefer to see him feuding with Axel tbh. But right now he's working for House Of Hardcore 2.

    If you could meet a celebrity, who would you like to meet?
  13. 1. Loaded question. It would take a whole lotta thinking and pondering and one 3-4 paragraph post later before I'd have a complete answer.
    2. I listen to mostly rock (classic or alternative) or heavy metal BUT in reality, I don't pick and choose based on genre. For me, it comes down to the individual band or person, not the genre. I've listened to songs from almost every genre at some point, even Country (which I typically hate.)
    3. In no order - The Shield, The Wire, Breaking Bad, Beavis and Butthead, WWE Monday Night Raw. Honorable Mention: Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I haven't watched very many television shows, to be honest.
    4. I tend not to rank people as I feel everyone has their place (even Gohan) and I don't really buddy-buddy with anyone on the forum the way many others do anyway. Since I tend to hermit myself in mostly the wrestling sections, there's posters I almost always look forward to seeing input from, but won't name names since leaving someone out might cause drama (I've been there.)

    I don't really dream of meeting any celebrities, honestly. There is one woman who acts in mostly Italian and French movies and has done a handful of American movies (including one action blockbuster) that I've had a crush on for years, so she's pretty much the only one I'd meet is given the chance. Wouldn't mind meeting Clint Eastwood, so long as he didn't start talking to an empty chair again like he did at the Republican National Convention. Quentin Tarantino seems like he'd be a good person to talk about movies with. Hideo Kojima (creator of the mighty Metal Gear Solid video game series) maybe, but he doesn't speak very good English and I wouldn't really want to bring a translator with me. Discussing horror films with Eli Roth might prove to be interesting. Maybe Tom Cruise to tell him how awesome the Vincent character from the movie Collateral was/is.
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  14. You can answer it later on, that's fine :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. Who would you want on the WWE roster that's currently in TNA?
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  16. How do we tackle the inevitable issue of overpopulation?
  17. What's the most exciting thing you have ever done?

  18. I don't really watch TNA, but from what I'm familiar with, it'd be interesting to see Bully Ray work his character as a singles guy in WWE. I remember how big of a flop it was in 2002 when the WWE split the Dudleyz up through the first ever brand split (they ended up reuniting by the end of the year) but Bubba Ray seems like he's doing fairly well in TNA on his own. I would say Hulk Hogan if he was still able to wrestle one final match, but he isn't really. I would say Sting but I really don't care at this point. Might as well just bask in his legacy of being the biggest notable name that never worked for WWE and then take a deal to go into the WWE Hall of Fame one day (though even then, WWE will try to get him to do at least ONE match, I'm sure.)

    Maybe Austin Aries if part of his gimmick was a play off the Christy Hemme incident. Him climbing the second rope and putting his crotch in Lilian Garcia's face would be pretty funny. Imagine him winning an Immunity Battle Royal where he had complete and full immunity to do whatever he wanted for a year without getting fired (like Test at Survivor Series 2001) and put his crotch in Stephanie's face in front of Vince and/or Triple H. Would never happen, but still.
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  19. Complicated issue, but off my top of my head - allow abortion. Maybe sterilize all stupid people (i.e a large percentage of the population here.) Maybe bomb a third world country or two. If anyone in prison has a life sentence or a death sentence or a sentence so long that they'll be old and in the way by the time they get out anyway, just go ahead and execute 'em right away or something, right after trial.

    Ok, I'm not being entirely seriously, but other than miraculously discovering another planet tomorrow that has all the necessary requirements for humans to survive in and then moving a shit load of people there, there's no easy answer to the question.

    Don't know. My life is pretty mundane and standard, unfortunately. Maybe the time I jumped into the extra deep part of the public pool and nearly drowned if not for the lifeguard that jumped in and grabbed me. Maybe the time I went to the Memphis zoo in the fifth grade. Or the time we went to that Science museum in Knoxville or something.
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