Forum Game Hot Seat Thread #18: Kassius HoHo

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. Another member is up for the hot seat thread! The member up for this hot seat thread is Kassius HoHo

    For 24 hours, the members can ask Kassius as many questions as they would like. No topic is off-limits and Kassius is required to answer every question.
  2. Bring on the questions, anything goes!
  3. What brought you to this forum?

  4. Well MP was going to merge with this site, and when it didn't happen, I checked out the check and loved the foundation and it seemed like a place, I could fit in easily.
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  5. Other than WWE what is a big passion in ur life?
  6. Wooooo HoHo. If TNA were to have a trade with WWE where both companies would get 2 superstars from the opposite company, who would you trade to each?

  7. My passion outside of Wrestling, well you can say sports in general.I live and die with my Philly teams, but outside of sports, I just wanna people find my calling in life, and that's my passion to find.

    Well if I had my chance, I would say Austin Aries and Bobby Roode.Both men can not make themselves but create stars, with their abilities on the microphone and in the ring.What would TNA get back in return hmmm..I still say Orton would do fine there and why not Ziggler.Imagine Ziggler versus guys like Joe, Styles, Daniels, Angle man classic up and down.
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  8. Outside of Mickie James, what other female wrestlers do you find attractive?
    What's your favorite food?

  9. Hmm..outside of Mickie James, I gotta say AJ Lee.I mean I love a girl, who doesn't follow the trend and is her own person.She cares less what people think about her, like she loves to play Video Games, read Comics, most girls if they were into that, would keep that to themselves.Look at you CrayJ Lee you love Wrestling, and I know you don't hide that passion from people huh? I find that more attractive than any physical characteristics a Woman has to be honest.Favorite food, Hispanic food but I love a dish that's Green Bananas and Fried Pork.Put some salt on the Green Bananas yum.
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  10. Where did you get your name?
  11. Other than ur buddies from MP, u forming new forum friendships on WWEF?

  12. Well I got it when I was in the 8th grade, my teachers used to write my name out Hose instead of Jose. One day at lunch my friends I were talking about it, and somebody on the table has hoho's the treat on the table, and one my friends just said, they as well call you HoHo, if they keep spelling your name wrong.It's been apart of me since.

    Yes, plenty of them, some many to name only a few though, don't wanna leave out anyone.
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  13. Do you have a favourite band? TV show? And film?
  14. I don't recognize you so most probably you're a new member. Hello! :emoji_grinning:

    What pushed you to like wrestling? :]

  15. Band, not really I love all kinds of music, Tv Show depends on the genre.I love the Big Bang Theory, Sons of Anarchy are some of the shows I love.I'm not afraid to go back to my childhood and watch DBZ/even Pokemon at times.Film maybe Scarface, the Godfather and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as my top three.

    Hmm..that a tricky question.My Mother once told me when I was 2 years ago, she had my younger brother and myself in the living room of her Mother's house, and she went in the Kitchen.Just before she went in the Kitchen, she put in on Wrestling, WCW to be exact, huge fan herself, anyways on the screen it was Flair talking about how Sting can only get girls in training bras.It's funny too my younger brother was crying his ass off, as for me, I was quite as a mouse loving what I was seeing.I love the action, the entertainment, and to me it's a sport, an art, and now being 25 I will never stop watching.
  16. Favorite WWEF member?

  17. Shit you put me on the spot, not to kiss ass but CrayJ Lee.The Queen of WWEForums.
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  18. What happened on the worst date you've been on?
    If you could vacation anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?
    What do you like to do for fun over the weekend?
  19. Well it is called a HOT spot thread :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  20. Hmm..well the worst date consisted of trusting my friend to go on the date with the girl, and somehow the girl thought it was alright to slap the shit outta me for no reason, just to play games lol.Some girls has no class.If I could go to anywhere in the world it would be either Puerto Rico, my native or Japan.Want to see my familia I've never seen in PR, as for Japan, love to see the sites, Anime etc.What I like to do for fun on the movies, spend time with familia and watch some movies, and have some laughs.
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