Forum Game Hot Seat Thread #23: Adam Aries

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CrayJ Lee, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. The next member in the hot seat is Adam Aries. For the next 24 hours, you can ask Adam as many questions as you'd like. During that 24 hours, no topic is off-limits.
  2. Awesomeness. Real questions please, Buts lets a go!
  3. Punk vs Aries who wins? How would u book it?
  4. Really depends. Who is heel and who is face, age rating on the show, which company is it under etc.
  5. Punk is face, Aries is heel. No rating its no holds barred and its a random indie event but both in there prime.?
  6. Punk is champion, Aries returns and attacks Punk, he says they have unfinished business. Punk comes out and says if Aries wants his title he can come take it, Aries says Punk went to WWE to escape Aries and that Punk knew he was never the best and cant beat Aries, They face off in a 42 min classic with Aries going over.
  7. How would you improve TNA?
    Who is your favorite member to have in LDs?
  8. Cant knock that classic match right there.
  9. 1. Get rid of Hogan, Carter and all these old fuckers. Bring in new talent from the indy scene, Push talented guys. Aries, Rodoe etc. Have Aries, Roode or Styles face Sabin at BFG, Get rid of one night only, Get rid of 4 PPVs a year and go with 6 or 7 a year and dont give away PPVs on TV for free its a retarded move when you could sell it for much more money.

    2. Danny.
  10. Outside of AJ, which other Divas and Knockouts are you attracted to?
    What's your favorite food and drink?
    If you could live in another country, where would you live and why?
  11. Now I'm actually wondering, favorite all time wrestler? From any company.
  12. 1. Layla, Natalya, Bella twins, Tessmacher, Velevet Sky.
    2. Irn Bru and dominos chese pizza
    3. America, Wrestling has a much better scene and easier to go to WWE, TNA and ROH events and seems the most similar country to the UK.
  13. Dont have one but right now its Ambrose, Bryan,Roode and Aries.
  14. Okay last question that I think I'm going to start asking more people because I'm actually really curious of what people think. Do you support the legalization of marijuana?
  15. U a UK boy? Where abouts?
  16. Yes but there needs to be moderation about it, I would rather have my kids smoking legal pot than legal beer.

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  17. Never and no I dont.

    Real questions please. Not stupid ones.
  18. It was a real question. :urm:

  19. :true:Classic Jono.

    What got you into wrestling?
    How long have you watched wrestling?
    What sports(if any) do you enjoy outside of wrestling?
    If ECW and WCW who would be the number one company at this very moment?
    What do you like most about Dean Ambrose? When he gets that main event push who would you have him go against and how would you book it?
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