Hottest men in wrestling thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Farooq, Nov 6, 2018.

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  1. Just gonna make a thread to post about hot men in wrestling. Remember to keep it SFW. Gonna lay down a Greatest Hits of ole HBK.

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  2. I think the image might be too big. It is showing as broken.
    Also, I thought you'd post this one:
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  3. Gotta Be George-Animal-Steele-Dead-Rip-79.jpg
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  4. Current superstars - Drew McIntyre and Seth Rollins. Oh and of course Finn Balor
  5. Well...its has to be either Finn Balor or Seth Rollins

    I could also see Elias being popular with the ladies...
    and some men I guess.
  6. Bobby Lashley could body slam me through a table tbh
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  7. Seth has a pin head. I can't unsee that.
    Drew has the classic manly man vibes from like some kind of viking movie and has good bone structure in his face.
    Tyler Breeze also has really good bone structure but mehh... blond hair.
    AJ Styles has a good classic male body... not too buff or cut but built. His body is attainable by most men... he has a soccer mom haircut and face though...
    I'd say Drew is probably the best looking male wrestler on the roster.
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  8. AJ Styles looks great with long hair and facial hair. Take it off and he looks like a 20 year old Marine(I.E. when TNA was doing the Jeff Hardy redemption story and Styles went off on him).

    I think Anrade looks fantasic too. Definitely a keeper.
  9. Sorry matey i just gotta larf at guys describing guys when there strait :emoji_slight_smile:
  10. Last time I checked I had a vagina. :pity:
  11. Wait... I sound like a straight man describing the attractiveness of other men? I really must be a prude. :dawg:

  12. oh ok didn't know normally girls talk about there Butts Too :emoji_slight_smile:
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    like nice ass
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  13. Football booties > wrestler booties :dog2:
  14. hehehehehehe
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    your rite i'm just trying to think of one & nothing sticks out :emoji_slight_smile:
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  15. ps solid snake dose come across as a guys name Boasting about his Soild Erection you must admit or didn't you think of that?
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    love spiderman Tamina is venom to nia being spiderman
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  16. Solid Snake is a character from the Metal Gear Solid video games. Ironically enough, his brother (DNA clone) is Solidus Snake...
    Solidus on this forum is my husband. And everything is all very confusing now.
  17. Hey i got a Solid Snake babe lmao thats what it sounds like When Most people Don't know Metal Gear lol
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  18. Id marry a clone of myself tbh
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  19. hahahaha