Hottest WWE Diva?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. I personally think Layla's the hottest. What's your opinions? Who do you think's the hottest Diva in the WWE?

    For me it's Layla.
  2. It was Mickie James for me. Now I would say Eve Torres.
  3. Eve Marie Torres by far :emoji_heart: I have a crush on her so bad :/
  4. So do I! I have been fixed on the diva of the month pictures so far :tongue:
  5. Eve Torres is hot, I agree. However I don't think she's the hottest in the WWE.
  6. Natalya.
  7. Of all time Sable and Stacey Kiebler. Currently Layla. You could do a bongo impression on her back off.
  8. Layla just now.
    Used to love Ashley.
  9. Used to be Ashley,
    Now Layla/Kelly Kelly.
  10. @[GAF] Yes mate Mickie James :heart:
  11. No one said John Morrison yet?
  12. Ashley, she's just incredibly hot. :surprised:
  13. used to love Lita an Trish too!

    Atm im diggin Alicia!
  14. What's your opinion?*
  15. Thanks for the corrections. I'm not that great at grammar, but I do try.
  16. No one said Kharma yet?

    I used to like Ashley. Now, Eve seems fine.
  17. Actually, his use of "think's" was partially correct, in that the apostrophe is acting as bridge between the words "Think" and "Is," it is also wrong in that "Think's" is not grammatically correct, however, his sentence was meant to be "Who do you think is the hottest Diva in the WWE," using "think" alone in this situation would be less grammatically correct as his initial sentence, without further changing the structure of the entire sentence to fit the lack of "is."

    Also, the plural form of "opinion" could also be valid, in that he is requesting not only your opinion on his statement that Layla is the hottest in WWE, but also your opinion on whom you believe actually is the hottest, however for this to be truly correct "What's" would also need to be changed to "what're," to keep consistent plurality.
  18. There needs to be a semi colon in there somewhere. 1-0 Crayo.