House M.D.

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  1. When you make these threads do you honestly expect us to care what you're watching?
  2. no im contributing to posties
  3. So would you like to share a link to see the show or are you just proud that you can watch it and want to show a group of people from the internet that you are able to?
  4. This is Mike. Our most low-quality poster here :emoji_slight_smile:
  5. I see.
    Well I used this as a chance to test out the reputation system.
    Seems to be working.
  6. :laugh:
  7. [img=360x465][/img]
  8. I should mention. Olivia Wilde will forever be referred to as Thirteen by me. Even if we meet, fall in love and have a bunch of babies.
    They will be numbered.
    Also I just noticed this is post number 13.
    This is probably a good omen.
  9. Season 8 sucks.
  10. I miss Cuddy.

    That is all.


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  11. Are you kidding me? You know nothing about television. Season 8 has to be the best one by far...........
  12. It's been lacking lately, trying too hard to seem intellectually humorous. Plus, the season with Kal Penn actually brought difference into the series, then they went and rid the show of a pretty good character.

    I understand why he had to leave, but I couldn't really find interest in the show after that. Lacking.
  13. I iz believe Quality Low @[Crayo]?

  14. Foreman is still interesting.
  15. I guess. I think the show just needs to find a decently controversial new character to liven things up.

    I'd watch a series where Sherlock goes up against House.