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  1. Does anyone watch either of these shows? I finished "House of Cards" the other day which is a Netflix exclusive like the show "Hemlock Grove" and that show was awesome so I decided to give another Netflix exclusive show a try and Hemlock Grove seemed the most interesting. I'm like 2 episodes in so far and it's really good; I expected it to be another "Twilight" type deal since it's like Werewolves & Vampires but to my surprise that doesn't seem to be the case.


    House of Cards was awesome, I mean the first season was good and then seemed like it was kind of stuttering out at the end but this past second season was amazing! They showed they were definitely not out of gas and that it was all just a warming up to actually get into the show!

    Overall between the House of Cards, Arrested Development S4 and Hemlock Grove; I really like how they've done each of them. Granted S4 of Arrested Development had a different feel and wasn't 'AS GOOD' as the 3 that aired several years earlier. But overall they've been pretty impressive for what my original impression was when I heard they were experimenting with exclusive shows.

    Anyway I didn't see anyone discussing the shows, but I felt like the following behind each of them were small enough to combine the discussion into one topic although the premises of the shows are completely different lol.
  2. Just (literally two minutes ago) finished the latest episode of House of Cards.

    Absolutely fantastic. I won't spoil what happens with Underwood and crew without putting it under a tag, but I'll happily say that the storytelling is tight, the acting (as should be expected) is out of this world, and the production values are solid. The plotlines have been extremely well constructed and deliberate, but when the climax hits, it hits like a mad bull on steroids. If you're looking for a show to watch, I can't recommend this one enough.

    Show Spoiler

    To the nitty gritty, I loved the way they executed (no pun intended) the main plotline in season 2 and engineered the President's resignation. I did see it coming (when you realize how ambitious Frank is in the first episode, there's only one place he really wants to end up....and it ain't being Veep) from a while back, but it didn't lessen the impact of watching him being sworn in as POTUS.

    Underwood is a complete and magnificent bastard. The best part is that he's the person most people think all politicians are, but most human beings can't see 10 moves ahead in a chess match like he seems to be able to. Even when things looked bleakest from his perspective, he still came up with a way to knock over the other guy's king. This was masterful storytelling.

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