Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Testify, Apr 2, 2013.

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  1. First show back in October was OK, hope this one is a bit better.:yes:
  2. Obligatory post to laugh at the name. I wonder if they do Eiffel Towers at this show.
  3. HOH 1 was okay. This should be a decent card if they bring back most of the talent.
  4. How's DOC called in HOH?
  5. XLG (Extra Large). He lost to :steiner: on HOH 1. It was a good match tbh.
  6. Hopefully they don't bring Masters in, he almost killed the entire 1st show with his boring ass shit.

    Big Daddy V too. Ugh, eww and everything that goes to it and that fat ugly no good fuck.
  7. Masters in a match I can live with (I'm okay with Masters overall) but no more Masterlock challenges unless done a lot better.

    Big V I can do without. Spike is probably not going to be there since he is supposed to be retired. Also since DOC is on a TNA countract now (he wasn't at night one), do you think he will show up since this is IPPV?
  8. I saw the match, it was really good imo, the thing I didn't know was his name in HOH
  9. Fuck Masters, poor fuck. He ruins what he touches.

    And DOC (and Knox) were under the TNA contract then, brother. It was October, and they were already signed mid Summer + they fought Sting & Bully Ray @ BFG a week later.

    Will we see them again? I doubt. Shame.
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