Spoiler House of Hardcore IX [Results]

Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Prince Bálor, Jul 19, 2015.

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  2. Not a bad card, actually.
  3. @CM Punk, you can post your thoughts on the show here as well as in the Showoff section. since you attended
  4. Yeah, sure.

    The show started 15 minutes late and out comes Justin Roberts. He hypes up the show and he is followed up by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer is wearing polka dot tights to honour Dusty Rhodes. Out comes Chris Hero.

    This wasn't really a serious match, just fun and goofy. Dreamer hit a bionic elbow at one point. Also, forgot to mention this in the Showoff section, Hero landed on the barricade fence which fell and landed on the crowd. Specifically one guys mouth which looked brutal. Trainers attended to him and Dreamer looked at him for a bit. Hero won the match and they shook hands afterwards.

    Dreamer cuts a promo on saying there's a place for HOH in Canada and that we've set a record attendance for a HOH show. Cherry Bomb and Pepper Parks interrupt and Cherry basically buries the country, Dreamer and stars like Trish Stratus, Gail Kim, Traci Brooks, etc.

    A "Shut the f*ck up!" chant breaks out. Cherry tells Dreamer to get out of the ring and he does, but he goes right back in. If I recall correctly, he said something about her having a nasty vagina and wanting to piledrive her. He says he has contacts in Canada and a specific X-Factor. Out comes Bobby Roode.

    Bobby Roode wins.

    The 8-man tag match was entertaining. Basically a spotfest.
    Havok comes out post match.

    The Kingdom's theme hits but no one comes out. Justin Roberts does a Saved by the Bell move and jokes around. I'm guessing they were late so we got John Hennigan Vs. Tony Nese instead.

    Hennigan Wins.

    Justin Roberts does an instagram video of the crowd.

    We get The Kingdom against The Addiction. Crowd is nuts for Maria. Maria tries to interfere in the end when everyone is down including the referee (He was superkicked by Taven I believe.), but Tracy Brooks comes out and beats her down.

    The Addiction wins.

    Post match, they do a tribute for Tracy Brooks and a small slideshow that Kazarian made that took a few minutes. (His words.) Out come Scott D'Amore and someone else to celebrate her career.

    ~ Intermission

    Eddie Kingston Vs. Ciampa

    The bottom ropes end up tearing on one end, but they continue the match until it's over. Ciampa wins.

    Justin Roberts comes out announces that he's gotten word that HOH has set a record, for being the hottest venue. (literally)
    They fix the ropes in two minutes.

    Spenny from Kenny Vs. Spenny comes out and says Tommy Dreamer said if he was gored by Rhyno he'd get $10,000, but he wasn't paid. He got pissed and out comes Rhyno. Rhyno knocks him down and says he wants a real challenge. Out come Thea Trinidad and Rhyno says he doesn't want to face two jokes. Thea says she won't be facing her, but her man. Out comes Austin Aries.

    Aries beat Rhyno.

    Team 3D beat The Young Bucks.
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  5. Honestly, fuck the heat in the arena. No air conditioning with 1000+ people plus sweating.
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    - Chris Hero vs Tommy Dreamer was a fun little opener. ***
    There were some comedy moments early on, but afterwards things have really picked up and it was fun.
    Ultimately, Hero won after delivering the Knockout Elbow.
    The boss does the job in the opening match. Gotta love Dreamer and HOH's motto 'No Politics, No BS, Just Wrestling.'
    Post-match, Tommy got on the mic to address the fans, but Pepper Parks and Cherry Bomb interrupted.
    Cherry insulted Dreamer, as well as the whole country and told Dreamer to get the hell out of her ring.
    Dreamer would do just that, but then he came back and told her 'Normally, I would pick you up, show everyone your disgusting vagina and Piledrive you into this mat.'
    He then set up the next match, between Parks and his friend, a surprise appearance, Bobby Roode.

    - Bobby Roode vs Pepper Parks was solid. **½
    There were shenanigans, but Roode overcame the odds and won the match with a Fisherman Suplex.

    - Team Tremendous, Hacker Scotty & Matt Striker vs Ethan Page, RJ City, Vik Dalishus & Ben Ortiz was totally fun. ***
    It was mostly random carnage, with lots of flips/dives and other daredevil moves.
    At one point, the ref was about to jump off the tope rope himself, but he came to his senses.
    Striker's team got the win after a nice double-team move by TT followed by a Canadian Destroyer by Bill Carr.
    Post-match, Kaitlyn was berating the ref, but Jessicka Havok came out and laid her out with a Chokeslam.

    - John Hennigan vs Tony Nese was very good. ***½
    I like both guys and I liked this match.
    Hennigan won with the End of the World, after Nese crashed and burned while attempting the 450 Splash.

    - The Addiction vs The Kingdom was good. ***¼
    After a ref bump, Maria tried to help The Kingdom win by giving them ROH tag titles to KO the Addiction, but Traci Brooks put a little wrench in that plan when she came to the ring and Speared Maria.
    That allowed Daniels and Kaz to recover and hit the Celebrity Rehab for the win.
    Post-match, they held a tribute to Traci Brooks' career.

    - Tommaso Ciampa vs Eddie Kingston was a good, physical bout. ***¼
    At one point, Kingston hit Ciampa with an Enzuigiri and Ciampa took a hard bump on the bottom rope and caused it to snap.
    Ultimately, The Psycho Killer managed to recover and defeat Kingston with a Running Knee to the head.

    - Rhyno was out next and issued an open challenge. Thea Trinidad came out and introduced her man, 'The Greatest Man That Ever Lived', Austin Aries! And we have our next match.

    - Austin Aries vs Rhyno was very good. ***½
    I enjoyed this. Man, was the homestretch fun!
    Rhyno was gonna use a chair, but Thea got in the ring to prevent that from happening to her man.
    She started arguing with Rhyno, so he put down the chair and hit her with a Gore! Gore! Gore! Thea sold it pefectly.
    A Double would capitalize on that, by hitting the man beast with a Rolling Elbow, a Corner Dropkick and a 450 Splash for the win.

    - Team 3D vs The Young Bucks was a super entertaining main event, enjoyed it! ***¾
    Team 3D won by Powerbombing Nick through a table.

    HOH 9 was a very entertaining show with nothing bad on it.
  7. Downloaded it from KAT, and the quality was decent.

    The show can also be streamed online. I'll link it to you if you want...
  8. I'm trying to find a good quality one, do if you end up finding one let me know.
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