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  1. Since the writers have less influence at house shows, the quality of promos during house shows is far more cutting edge.

    Guys like Kofi Kingston should be getting opportunities to speak on the road, so once Monday Night rolls around his promos can get a touch here and there to create more effective storyline progression.

    My question is if something works at a house show, why not tweak it so it works on TV?
  2. People really get very little mic time on house shows from what I understand. They do test things out at house shows though. And yeah, it'd be a nice opportunity for certain guys to improve their mic skills.
  3. House shows have VERY little speaking. I've been to a few over the last few years, and , really, the most talking was Punk in March of this year dissing the Maple Leafs, which was fucking awesome, because I hate the Leafs with an awesome passion.

    House shows are more for actual WRESTLING than talking, which is why I like them a lot more. Straight to the point, attacks don't even have to make any sense. The Shield ran right by me (I had an end of the row seat), beat the shit out of Justin Gabriel, and left. It was random and awesome as balls, would watch again.
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