House show results - Dothan, Ala.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by GrammarNazi82, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. This is the one I didn't get to attend after all. :sad:

    Oh well, anyway.... Here are the results of Sunday night's live Raw house show event in Dothan, Ala.:

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    (Side note: ...and how I wish THIS were actually true. :emoji_wink: "During intro, Punk had ring announcer add to his announced hometown of Chicago that he was currently looking for real estate in Alabama.")
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  2. Hahahaha, Ambrose, you're such a boss... *looks down and sees myself wearing a UT shirt* Fuck you, Ambrose, you dirty son of a bitch!

    Seriously, It's really a shame you didn't get to go to this. The live atmosphere is second to none (according the Leo C) especially that tag match... and a 20 minute Punk/Bryan street fight! That sounds amazing. Rest of that is meh, but being part of an electric crowd may have made a huge difference.

    Jericho's last house show :sad:

    Do you happen to know if the house next to you is for sale?
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  3. Ambrose returning to action is surely a good sign. I hope that promo will get uploaded to YT.
  4. Oh man, you know that one real-life friend I have who watches wrestling? Well, she and I went to a Raw house show back in early June in Birmingham, Ala. It was the first live event either of us had been to and it was fantastic. We had such an amazing time. Wonderful show, great atmosphere, plus we had awesome seats -- floor seats, sixth row, perfect! We were dying to go back. lol She has family in Dothan so we had hoped to make it to that show this weekend, but didn't get to. I really was bummed. Honestly, it seems like even the wrestlers enjoy house shows more. They got really into it and seemed to have a great time themselves, which just made the show even better. When we went, it was Punk vs. DB in a no DQ match. Anyway, it was an amazing first experience and I'm still dying to attend another live event. Would have LOVED to have seen the Punk / Bryan match in Dothan; sounds incredible!

    You mean the one about five miles down the road from me? :emoji_wink: Yeah, it's for sale. Woot!


    Oh, and the Ambrose bit wouldn't surprise me. lol Seth Rollins came out during the house show we attended, and he hardly got a reaction at all from the crowd. I figured maybe they didn't realize who he was, so I started screaming for Rollins, trying to help get his name out there.
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