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  1. Anyone know why Ziggler and Cena have been pulled from house show cards in february? I know it says subject to change. Didnt know if anyone had heard anything though. Thanks!
  2. My sources say that this is because Ziggler will be the WHC by this time, and will have a completely different feud going on.

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    no my brain isn't my source, my dad works at wwe
  3. Good call i figured he may cash in at RR. Dude deserves it!
  4. Does he ? Thats so cool!
  5. Yeah, they'll probably put them there with other opponents or something.
  6. [​IMG]
  7. That is ...disturbing :pity1:
    Anyway , wish someone of my family work in the WWE
  8. He's fooling you. That's why I posted the beard.
  9. He's hypnotizing me

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  10. Because Dolph will be feuding for the WHC by then.
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