Houston Shooting Discussion

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. Houston Shooting Discussion


    Since my status is getting so many comments, lets discuss it here.
  2. Two guys, none dead, one critically injured. I'll chalk this up as a "good" shooting due the the low amount of injured and dead.
  3. I am just in shock. Gun shootings is like a bad trend on Twitter. I wish it would stop. Even though no one died in this shooting, its still not a good thing.
  4. Each of them are different... different motives, different circumstances. As the NRA says, the only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.
  5. Guns in Texas are as common as snow in Toronto. Not surprising at all.
  6. I guess this is true.

  7. Exactly why they can't outlaw guns completely. I am all for background checks and charging a ton of money per bullet... but if you outlaw guns completely, only thugs and criminals will have them illegally. Say they were outlawed...And some average Joe gets a gun off the black market to protect his family and gets robbed but saves his little girls life by shooting the robber. He will be sent to prison because guns are illegal. But some guy down the street gets robbed, shot and killed and the robber gets away scot free. I am against guns being outlawed for that reason.
  8. Get rid of the Assault rifles. Those are the ones doing the damage in the mass shootings. High powered rifles have no use in the hands of citizens. The argument that guns don't kill people, people kill people is getting old. Guns allow you to pull off mass shootings. So the best thing to do is ban the assualt rifles like they did during Clintons term and you all still get to keep your precious guns you love so dearly. Everyone is happy
  9. This is like the fifth guns thread we've had.. :george:
    I think we've seen everyone's arguments more than a couple of times.
  10. I think its more of a cultural problem than a hardware problem. It's only gotten worse since the economy took a down turn. Guns have be glorified in America for as long as it's been a country. It's gone from the constitution, to duels, to assassinations, to thug life. Until the culture changes, gun violence will be a constant.
  11. *yawn

    My reaction.
  12. Sure it's a cultural problem, but what allows you to pull off mass shootings? You think a standard pistol or generic gun would do the amount of damage as a miltiary style assault rifle? That any 18 year with half a brain can get? It can never be eliminated but it can be limited in excess. That i know to be true.
  13. I see your point, but it still wouldn't be impossible to get your hands on a rifle if you really wanted one. Unfortunately with technology the way it is, it's way too easy to acquire illegal things.
  14. Sure, people probably could, but I believe these things would be few and far between. I know what you're saying and you're right. I just want to make these fuckers have to atleast try to get the guns. If i wanted to, I could go to the store right now and get an assault rifle. Easy as that.
  15. That's crazy! 'Murrica :pity:
  16. At the shooting at my school, a student just ran in, popped a guy, and ran out the back.
    The guy owed him $200, so it was a planned (albeit ridiculous beyond words) shooting.

    Was thinking. "Man, if only we had a fence out the back", he wouldn't have had an escape route".
    There are plenty of things we can do to stop these, taking away guns isn't one of them.

    Another thing is if you look at Adam Lanza, why do we all know his name? It's been all over the news, and if he wanted to off himself, he may as well become famous in the process.
  17. I'm not even lying when I tell you this. It's easier to get a gun than it is to get any sort of healthcare. Now that's twisted
  18. It's a tough situation cause of the history of your country. All that right to bear arms shit was written hundreds of years ago. People still quote it like it was written last week. There's no clear cut solution, whatever it is, its going to take a lot of time to resolve.
  19. You think that building a fence will stop gun violence? That seems a little absurd. I do agree, the media gives these people reasons to shoot up things. They become over night house hold names. That part you are 100% correct on. I will just say in closing, that if we just ban assault rifles it will make everyone happy. You still get your guns, and the chances of huge mass shootings go down.
  20. Yep. People who think guns are hard to get have never looked for a hard drug in their life. Go to right spot, meet right person, have cash and blamo. Just because something becomes restricted doesnt mean it disappears, and in our society, we would NEVER destroy something that could have an insane profit, over lost a los of income/profit/money/product.
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