How About a WWEF Hall of Fame?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Aug 17, 2014.

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  1. What'd you guys think of having our own site hall of fame? Monthly threads in the WWE section that gives a short bio and stuff for the wrestlers we induct?

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. There is one.

    Or do you mean that we induct actual wrestlers? That seems redundant not to be mean
  3. I meant wrestlers...I think it would be cool to add people from the indy's and guys WWE will likely never put in.
  4. I want in the Hall Of Fame
  5. There can be a select few people who vote and choose on the inductee's to keep it from bias...

    They don't have to be dead, retired or anything of that sort. So guys like Kofi Kingston are eligible (Though I doubt he'd be a first pick)
  6. This could be good if the inductee's bios are any good. A great bio should include work rate and any other aspect of that character the vast majority may tend to overlook.
  7. I could do that. Maybe even write an article for every inductee, centered around their career.
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  8. I don't understand the point
  9. For fun...
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  10. Okay, do it.
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  11. Did

    First inductee in the WWE section.
  12. How about :stfu:
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  13. Should be in Locker Room, not WWE section imo
  14. This is stupid.

    What good does a hall of fame on a wrestling forum do? Especially one which inducts people every month.

    I have no problem setting up "Wrestler of the year" awards for users to vote in. In fact I will once 2014 is over.

    But this just seems silly.
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  15. Instead of hall of fame just do a wrestler bio article every month :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. i say we put in BLFFL for her precitions

    and me for my life observatuons
  17. But....I'm planning to do that....
  18. Wrestler bios are a decent idea, but having our own HoF seems pretty pointless.
  19. Oh sorry :urm: I would read the crap out of it all though :true:
  20. No offense, but this just seems completely pointless. Especially if guys like Kofi Kingston are actually gonna be eligible.
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