how about am anime section!?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. how about am anime section!? For post anime things? We have a sport section so anime for just amine would be great. How about it at @Crayo​

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  2. No. We do not have enough anime content to warrant a section for it, and we most likely never will. We are a wrestling forum.
  3. Wasn't an entertainment section discussed at one point? Is that happening or is it just staying in the lockerroom?
  4. You have the locker room for that. It's more likely that we get an entertainment section before we get an anime section. And we don't have nearly enough content for an entertainment section either. Also like Crayo said we are a wrestling forum. We are here to talk wrestling.
  5. but we have a sport section. :sad:
  6. Sport has a lot more threads buddy, not many people seem to be into discussing anime here sadly.
  7. but i get people to do.
  8. Will happen eventually, it's inevitable.

    Lol we do. We got a lot of content for an entertainment section. Remember that covers all gaming threads, news threads, and music threads.

    Yes, because it was something we talked about a LOT in the Locker Room (off-topic section). It needed its own section so we could separate it all. We did not start out with a sports section.
  9. Get them to post in the lockerroom for the time being then maybe an anime section will be considered in the future but only when we have enough threads to fill it.
  10. :upset:
  11. Sad but true Brohan I'll deny this for now but we're open to any further suggestions you have.
  12. Automated message: Suggestion has been denied.
  13. Main reason for having the sports forum is because it is a sub genre of Wrestling. I think there is no need for more off topic forums, apart from the entertainment area when needed.
  14. I think we could have an anime section. No one really talks about it since there's no section for it. I'm sure there are plenty of anime freaks here. Or when we get an entertainment section add an anime sub-forum for it. You could also just have a T.V. Shows/Movies section. People could discuss shows like Breaking Bad, and anime.
  15. Crayo doesn't want to promote a subject by making a section for it. He only makes sections when there's many many threads about the subject already. WWEF didn't start out with a sports section, but since there were so many threads about sports and such, he decided to make a section for it. Crayo is thinking about just making an Entertainment section, despite the fact that he doesn't want the site to get too off-topic. If people cry enough about it, he'll maybe eventually give in.
  16. Wait a Minute!? U just gave an idea! How about we all keep crying about getting ANIME SECTION! AND Crayo give to us!? SOUND LIKE PLAN THANK U Lady Deathbane ! :pipebomb:
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  17. You're welcome. :troll:
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  18. :jeritroll:
  19. Oh and by the way, I was talking about the Entertainment section, not the anime section. There's no way in hell we're giving anime it's own section, lmao!
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