How awful.

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Oct 8, 2013.

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  1. How awful is it that the biggest story of RAW revolves around Big Show? I can not stand watching the guy. It wasn't long ago where Shield destroyed Big Show, but now he can do the super-throw and throw all three at once and knock out HHH after being attacked? I understand kayfabe, but it's predictably boring. We're going to get some pathetic HHH vs Big Show match at some PPV, which is going to suck.

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  2. Well I love Big Show and all but I agree, the whole way they've used him has been boring and useless.
  3. Would prefer a handicap match involving Vince, Steph and HHH against Show.
  4. Like Vince and Steph would wrestle :pity1:

    That match would be shit too.
  5. Hey, they did rename it a "Raw SuperShow", didn't they... eh? Eh? Okay that sucked.

    Guess they had to pick him to do an angle like this, since he's the biggest guy on the roster (although it would be better to go with Henry, surely it would have resonated with fans more seeing this badass brought to his knees instead of someone like Big Show who seems so nice) it gives the image that Triple H and Steph have everyone by the balls (don't misquote that) and can control whoever they want... problem is, with every buildup comes a payoff, and it's a shame this great payoff is being wasted on Big Show. (Although to be honest, the Show/Henry and Show/Sheamus feuds the past few years have been better than they had any right to be so maybe we're underrating the guy)

    So Show finally got his come-uppance by knocking out Triple H. That's the payoff so we don't need to see that horrible match, right? Right?
  6. But at least it would be something outta nowhere
  7. hmm well look at it this way if it results in trips burying big show at the end of it surely its better for show to take the pin instead of someone like bryan (gotta find a positive somewhere)
  8. I can't stand Big Show either.. I'm tired of him crying all the time. Giants shouldn't be that emotional.
  9. Ziggler uses his quickness to escape the Shield's clutches somehow, quickly hits a superkick on Triple H and runs of into the crowd.

    Please, someone tell me this ending wouldn't have been 10000000x better.
  10. Doesn't seem likely, sadly. :downer:

    What annoys me the most is that this is building up to HHH/Show. So. Useless. Why waste this on Big Show? Makes no sense.
  11. Surely the train of thought was "Hey, Big Show's good at crying! Lets use him in this angle!"

    Ignoring that A: he isn't even good at crying, B: since they finally want to get behind the future with Bryan and the Shield and maybe Punk, why would you push a Big Show with a few years left as the top face of the company, and C: whoever thought Big Show vs HHH is a match wrestling fans want to see in 2013 can go wear a meat dress in a zoo... What are they thinking?

    It's time we just give up on Ziggler. The push he's deserved for so long isn't coming. The less we cry about it, the better off we all are.
  12. This story with Ziggler in Show's place would've been pretty good, they could have switched them (sure, the story wouldn't go exactly like it did but they could've put another spin on it). But yeah, I really don't complain about the way they use Ziggler anymore, no use.
  13. I think my main problem is having to watch it BUILD to him facing HHH at a ppv. The match is going to suck, the build is going to be even worse, and most likely we are going to watch him run over people like DZ, Miz, and god knows who else (Senhor is gonna be so pissed watching miz job) and at the end of it all, people are going to be chanting "boring."

    I will say i expect HHH to make it a short build, or at least shorten the build when they realize it isnt going to get over, and isnt working at all.

    Honestly, im really surprised about this Cena shit. I was expecting him being gone until RR to be a big plus for this HHH/Corporate storyline, and im expecting them to fuck it up x100 with Cena somehow. There are so many horrible possibilities, i wonder which one they will pick.
  14. I hate Big Show, he is one of the most boring ass wrestlers I have ever had the displeasure of watching. Nothing he ever does interests me. OMG BIG FACE PUNCH. Fucking pathetic. Lets just realize there is nothing there for this guy and let him go.
  15. Or keep him on commentary during PPV's, i actually didnt hate that. He could do a lot of decent things, but WWE has him turn every other month. They own WCW, they really fucked up by not letting him to back to being "the Giant" because the big show is about as entertaining as a Khali match.
  16. It's not awful. Big Show is hella talented and the man. Besides, it doesn't revolve around Big Show. Everything revolves around Daniel Bryan.

    Daniel Bryan is the sun of the WWE and Big Show is like Mercury or the Earth. He's one of the major planets revolving around Daniel Bryan, the GOAT sun of the WWE. It's basic thuganomics.
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  17. I thought it was funny how the Shield scrambled out of the ring after he "broke free". And I fist pumped in the air when he hit HHH, its TRUE. I wanted him to hit Stephanie though. :sad:
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  18. Dude you know they're building to Stephanie taking a bump. She will. She was crossing the line on Raw, trying to prime the crowd to pop for osme man on woman violence. I think it will be a chokeslam for her, but at a PPV or something.
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  19. SWEET
  20. She's in crazy shape, she's probably done some training. She could probably hang as the Divas champ right now, probably the best Divas champ in a decade.
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