WrestleMania How big a draw is Taker's streak?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by seabs, Mar 15, 2013.

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  1. I've heard it being called a huge drawn by some, Gohan mentioned it making him a bigger draw than The Rock but when judging the stats it just seems like no-one is paying to see Taker in huge groups, let's compare Wrestlemania 28 to Wrestlemania 26.

    Now I know there are other factors involved but I really can't think of a way to evaluate it so yeah.
    Wrestlemania 25 -- 975,000 buys Source

    Wrestlemania 26 -- 885,000 buys Source

    WreslteMania 28 (27 in brackets) -- 1,217,000 (1,059,000) source

    So yeah how big a draw is Taker's streak?
  2. The streak is obviously legendary and I think losing it could make someone's career, but it's not really the kind of thing that draws in the masses, the non-wrestling fans to watch Wrestlemania every year. I don't even think Taker cares that much for it, hence why he's offered it to so many. I wouldn't be surprised if he offered it to Punk as well considering he likes and respects Punk and even hand picked him to fight this year.

    WM26 still did an impressive buy rate and it's not like you can blame it not hitting the millions on just Taker/Shawn. You had Cena/Batista, Bret/Vince and Edge/Jericho to carry the show as well. You also didn't have a celebrity appearance to get the interest of the masses. WM20 and WM21 also hit the million in buys without celebrity appearances but the former was the big 20 year anniversary of Wrestlemania and the latter was in Hollywood, which I would have to think added to a lot of the hype and attention of the show. Plus, you had two big stars (Cena and Batista) breaking out at the same time.
  3. I agree buyrates were a poor example but I couldn't think of a way to do it without them which actually had some statistical merit, rather than just saying he doesn't draw, yes he does if that makes sense.
  4. I don't think he necessarily draws more than Rock, but I have no way of showing it. However, I think he and the streak draw relatively big numbers, especially for long-time wrestling fans who may not watch regularly but remember Taker from "back in the day" as a wrestling fan and who would watch to see if anyone can beat his streak. Others on here -- or at least one person, just can't remember who -- have mentioned before that no matter what WWE says is their main event for WM, Taker's match is always ultimately the actual "main event," so I could see it drawing quite well.
  5. I'd say he draw alot, considering the fans want to see him win, the others want to see him lose his streak. Plus he doesn't really seem like he'll be doing many more Wrestlemania's.
  6. Enough to make me care of WM29
  7. What are you basing this on though?
  8. It's impossible to know specifically how big he draws, or even if he draws at all. I honestly think his matches now are for nostalgia value, and that the hype of the streak has probably lessened (inevitable) because of predictability. So yeah, I think he competes for nostalgia, regularity, and to make the card feel more special. You know it's Wrestlemania if Undertaker is competing.
  9. Remember back at WM27 I considered buying the PPV (didn't know about streams at that point) just to watch Taker/HHH, but one match isn't worth dropping $50. Figured Taker would keep the streak going but didn't really care. Even casuals can agree that the streak's become the match every year where somebody does everything they can, delivering a performance of a lifetime, and putting on a match that'll be damn near impossible to top until next year... yeah, that draws.
  10. It's not so much a draw for the streak itself, it's just for the fact that, in my opinion, people want to see him wrestle because they know now he only does his 1 match a year that it's going to be with a good opponent and it's going to be a great match.

    I'd say the match itself drew <50,000 for each Mania (once he started to only be on Mania).
  11. Nostalgia.
  12. I think the streak is a big draw and it just keeps getting bigger and bigger each year

    This is because each year the streak looks more and more in jeopardy of being broke
  13. I can't say. Could see it being a draw though.
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