How big can Sandow get?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. We all love him, he's a new IWC darling, how big do you think he can get though with this gimmick? Midcard, upper, main event?
  2. I don't know, if he keeps evolving I could see him in the ME someday. I'm bias because I really love his "current society is horrible and old values are better" gimmick, but he's a great talker, charismatic and from the matches I've seen he's OK in the ring, also a draw. I'd say Upper Midcarder at least.
  3. I enjoy his gimmick and he seems good enough in ring, but I can't see him getting any higher than an Uperr Midcarder.
  4. Top SD heel, never the heel. A lower main event tier guy.
  5. he will recapture the hights of stone cold and the rock!
  6. he could get fat but not much stronger.
  7. Any particular reason why he can never be THE heel?
  8. Just doesn't have the IT factor like a HHH for instance had.
  9. He's bigger than most people realized (billed at 6'6 245. he isn't that big but he is fairly tall.) but I doubt he gets much bigger. Unless maybe he uses some PEDs
  10. As big as Heath S. has! :pipebomb:
  11. MITB 2013!
  12. I see this guy becoming a main eventer someday. Maybe not an Austin or Rock, but someone on the level of a Triple H, maybe. I doubt this gimmick of his will last forever to take him there, though. He reminds me of an early HHH for some reason, maybe it's the snobbishness. And no one would have ever saw HHH (with is blue blood gimmick) becoming 'The Game' in later years, but he did.
  13. At this rate and on Smackdown, not very big unless they utilize him more on Raw.
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