How Brock is Going to be Beaten

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Aug 23, 2016.

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  1. As the title says. They are building Brock into a monster heel. He ended the streak, beat Cena, made Ambrose and Orton look like chumps. There is one reason to do this and it is to have him beaten by a "hero". And I think they are going to have to do it soon due to his UFC drug cheat thing, suplex city is gonna get old fast (its boring TBH), and its a "new era" but they need some sort of defining moment.

    IMHO this means wrestlemania so they have around 8 months to build up to it. The problem is who do they have that is viable to do it? They cn go two ways with this and that is basically get another walking sack of muscles (think Hogan/Luger picking up Andre/Yokozuna) or some plucky smaller wrestler with great technique/talent/heart beating him somehow (think HBK). I will have a look at the contenders.

    1. An Attitude Era or other legend (Hogan, Rock, HHH, HBK). They could do this I suppose but it would not be hogan, why would Rock want to take the bumps from a roid raging, juicing, stiff wrestler, Austin has not done a match for over decade due to medical problems. Undertaker will likely retire soon.

    2. Goldberg. This is a rumour floating around and the crowd at Summerslam were chanting his name. I would not be surprised if they wheel out Goldberg for a match. He is one of the few to beat him it a meh match. I don't think GB woill be the one to beat him though.

    3. They need a new face of the company to carry the new era, They do not really have a Hogan/HBK/Bret/Austin/Cena equivalent. Who is viable in the current talent? Like it or not the best contender is Roman Reigns and a redemption angle with him beating Brock could do it. The crowd even cheers him on occasion.

    4. A new contender. This could be difficult in the time they have left. The obvious one would be AJ Stiles defeating Brock. Brocks defeat would be a great way to put over an up and comer. A long shot would be a wrestler like Braun Strowman, while an even longer shot would be someone like Big Cass who seems to have future superstar written all over him.

    So Wrestlmania XXXIII and the only viable contenders ATM would be Stiles and Reigns. They might use Reigns as a tweener or heel (see Rusevs cake thing) or a face turn by AJ Stiles. The latest they would do it I think is Wrestlemania XXXIV. WM XXXIV would give them an extra year to give someone new/green a push leading up to it. I am leaning towards the sooner date as they need a new great one for a new era.

    I am kind of a golden age returnee fan to the wrestling world and do not anything against Reigns as I am neutral on him but he has more in ring talent than Brock who I find incredibly boring in ring. Andre had some charisma along with other heels like Ric Flair and they could actually wrestle as well. Brock suplex city, knee, F5 win he is even more boring than Hogan in his heyday as you knew exactly what he would do as he had a formula he virtually never deviated from.
  2. In Vince McMahon's mind there is only one option...

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  3. CM Punk obviously.
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  4. Heh yeah. To be honest at least Reigns is more interestin in the ring than Brock. Better mic skills. Brock can't wrestle, cut a promo or do much of anything.

    I would prefer Reigns to go over beating Brock or going heel tbh.
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  5. Who I would pick:
    Who WWE would probably pick:
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  6. I would pick KO. But that'll never ever happen
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  7. If it was me pulling the strings I'd go for Owens or Neville.
  8. Screw it... Just let the Miz beat him. Can you imagine how much people would lose it!? :dawg:
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  9. Owens beating him would be believable and they would have a good brute match but I am not sure they will do it... Or even build it the right way.
  10. They both call themselves prize fighters so that could be a bullet point for the narrative. I say "call themselves" because I don't think anyone else refers to KO as such. Power and speed vs power, speed and agility.
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  11. That could work. I mean they will need a brute to take over when Brock is done for good but if they were going to go for a brute vs brute match, I can bet they'd pick Rusev over KO, which sucks. Kevin has amazing skills for someone his size/shape. Not to say Rusev doesn't but ya know.
  12. Lesnar can/could fly. Rusev and Lesnar are quite similar which could be boring. Maybe have Brock botch the shooting star press again and slap on the accolade as Brock looses consciousness. Not the cleanest win ever so maybe not.
  13. Yeah that is what I was thinking... Rusev and Brock are too similar to put on a good match. I would actually love to see a smaller wrestler beat him but I doubt they would do that.
  14. Someone sticks a brick in their pants.

    Fantasy booking, Zayn gets a flash pin.
  15. Eva Marie. Imagine the heat when she pins The Beast! :dawg:

    Oh, and to hell with Goldberg.
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  16. Quite the task to find someone who isn't smaller than him. I'd be marking out for days if Sami Zayn got the clean win on "The Beast".
  17. If the Goldberg match happens I want Brock to win to give him even more credibility to drop to a younger wrestler.
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  18. If I could pick anyone, I think I would go with Shinsuke Nakamura. Now that is a personal preference. His character and style are just something I could really see going up against Lesnar.

    Now, other than that, I think the most logical way to go is to revisit the Roman Reigns scenario that we were talking about in 2014 and 2015. I was a huge critic of this scenario when it was playing out. I loved their match and I think I would have loved it even if Reigns had won.

    Of course, ever since, I've been one of the biggest critics of the way Roman Reigns has been pushed. However, I think they're finally doing it right. I actually found myself cheering for him against Rusev when he came out and put the beat down on him. And what they did with Lesnar was more than just have him beat Orton down... he beat Orton so badly... Randy Orton, one of the strongest characters of the past decade. I don't even like Orton and I can recognize the significance of that.

    Roman Reigns is really, in my view, the most logical person to put up against him. Even watching their Wrestlemania match, Lesnar's beat down of Reigns was pretty severe and all Reigns did was laugh it off over and over. He hit Reigns with four F-5s and didn't beat him. It would make sense.

    Other options don't really make the most of this situation. Bringing in Goldberg would be a waste. I mean, the man hasn't wrestled in 13 years, is 49 years old and if he did come back, it would likely be a one time match. So if he beats Lesnar, all of this Lesnar build up just goes to waste.

    The Rock would be fun but also has its problems. With how rough Lesnar fights, I doubt the producers of whatever movie he will be working on would want him in a match with Lesnar. It would get the Rock his victory over Lesnar, but all that Lesnar build up would be wasted on someone who has wrestled only a handful of matches in the past decade and is unlikely to wrestle many more.

    Kevin Owens would be believable and I would enjoy the match, but I would assume this match would only work with Owens as a face and I don't want him to turn face. I was never a fan of his face runs anywhere. He is such a natural heel.

    Kurt Angle would die during a match with Brock, so stay away from that.

    But yeah, my personal preference would by Nakamura. I think he has the style to be the guy to do it. But Reigns is probably the smartest way to go.
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  19. There's only one logical superstar to end Brock Lesnar and his name is...

  20. That'd be the right way to go. I couldn't agree more.
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