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Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by DarksideTrin, Sep 4, 2012.

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  1. Add pictures and videos on here...

    For the life of me i cant seem to figure it out.. eventually ill start posting pics and vids of games and tourneys we have at the store...
  2. Images/videos from your computer or that you put on a website like youtube or photobucket?
  3. Ones from my computer.. I take the pics on my Iphone and transfer them to my Mac.. every pic it says its too big?
  4. Well the only way I know around it is to put them on imageshack or something and then just put it in [​IMG]
  5. For images you need to put the URL in img tags.

    For example, if was my IMG url, I'd post it by doing this:

    Then it'll appear like so (minus the spoilers):

    Show Spoiler

    For videos, you get your YouTube URL, and put it inbetween our video tags which are:

    [video=youtube]link to video[/video]
    Alternatively, you can just click on this:


    And click YouTube, paste your link in the box that comes up and it'll post. The list shows the sites you can post videos from.

    The fast version of posting YouTube URL's is like so:

    [yt]video link[/yt]
  6. do I actually have to type in the [yt} ?
  7. I've just seen your post Leaping, so I'll continue:

    If you want to post pictures from your phone and such, you will need to upload them first. There's a dropbox application on my phone, so I can just take a picture, upload it to dropbox and then put the URL inside the [img ] tags I spoke about earlier.

    Another way though is just putting the images on your PC, then going to and uploading them there, then put the link inbetween img tags.

    Edit: Yes, you need to type [yt ] before the video link and [/yt ] after it.
  8. all that shit he said.
  9. Yes, otherwise the video wouldn't be embedded and would just appear as a URL.
  10. It's the same for images that you link. The brackets are the key.
  11. Hopefully this can help you out. That's a list of most of the bbcode and how it works.
  12. Sucks that I am more of a visual learner.. downloading drop box on comp and phone now



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    Ok... Let's try from my phone...


    Ok.. that was just a straight download off my phone... not to figureout hw to utilize this drop box thingie...


    figured outr spolier mode... sweet
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